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Stand Up and Pass the Closed Guard! With Lachlan Giles

Stand Up and Pass the Closed Guard! With Lachlan Giles


 Great Pass With The Aussie Killer!

Standing up to pass the guard is almost always a good idea. There’s one key element that you’ll always have on your side when you decide to stand, and that’s gravity. No matter the skill level of your opponent or what they like to do from the closed guard, standing up will surely make things just a bit more difficult for them to keep you in their clutches, and maintain control over your frame. The methods to pass are many once you make it safely to your feet, but to do so you’ll have to have consideration for your balance, and remaining stable as you rise up.

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Let’s take a look at how Lachlan Giles prefers to pass when he stands up. I think this Giles character may be on to something.

The old grind elbow to the inside thigh trick? Forego that method of passing. As Giles explains, you’re really relying on your partners pain threshold to cause the legs to open. And at a higher level, no one will be opening their legs when presented with this method. It’s also just not polite to jam the tip of your elbow into your training partners leg. We can do better than that.

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Giles controls both biceps to start, and begins to posture. As he does this, he posts one hand on his partner’s hip locking it firmly in place. On the same side as the post in the hip Giles steps up on his leg. As he stands, Giles takes a staggered stance to prevent both legs from being at risk. He continues to put tremendous pressure down on the hip of his partner with the locked-out arm, and starts to twist away from that post in the hip. This will provide him with the ability to let go of the bicep with his right hand, and let his post on the hip help with maintaining his posture. His right-hand is now free to begin pushing on the shin to begin opening the guard. As the guard begins to open, Giles can start working his right knee over the leg of his partner to begin passing.

A critical detail here is placing pressure on the shin when opening. Pushing on the thigh or knee doesn’t have quite the same effect on opening the feet.

There’s great mechanics at work here, and some key details to help you stand up and pass that closed guard!

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