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Quick and Easy Triangle from Lasso Guard

Quick and Easy Triangle from Lasso Guard


Easy Submission From Lasso Guard...

The lasso guard is a modification to the traditional spider guard commonly employed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, specifically when wearing the gi. This guard provides extensive control of a guard passer’s arms and upper body. Because of the ability to significantly manipulate our opponent’s upper body in lasso guard, it is easy to sweep and submit them without exposing ourselves too much.

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In the traditional spider guard, a submission that is attempted and caught often is the triangle choke. The triangle choke requires the guard player to eliminate one arm of the guard passer to trap a single arm and the head of the defender. Once caught, the attacker creates a leg “triangle” and uses pressure to strangle their opponent.

Because the lasso guard provides good control of a guard passers arms, it becomes rather simple to force the choke. In the following video by BJJ Fanatics, you will see this simple set up in less than one minute!

Traditionally, when playing lasso guard, only one arm is lassoed so that the guard player has good mobility on the bottom to move their legs for submission attacks. In the video, the guard player has a lasso on the right arm and a tradition spider grip on the left arm. This allows the guard player to force the right arm down so they can quickly throw up the triangle.

It is important that when throwing up the triangle, you must elevate your hips as much as they can go. If you shoot up a shallow triangle, you will not be able to lock it up properly and your opponent can respond by stacking you. Also, so that you don’t have to do this at a later step, move the trapped arm across your opponent’s neck as soon as possible to secure a strong finish.

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Although many grapplers believe that spider and lasso guard are only effective in players with relatively long legs, it can be utilized by practitioners of all sizes and experience levels. The main tip is to always control the posture of the guard passer. Even if you don’t particularly like this guard, this technique is so easy that you should still drill it for the rare occasion that you end up in this position.

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