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The Secret to Recovery After Intense Training?

The Secret to Recovery After Intense Training?


10 Minutes Can Change How You Feel After Practice...

When you think about recovery from a tough grappling session, what comes to mind? A protein shake? BCAA’s? While supplements are a great option to expediate recovery, they are not the only form of healing the body. So, after a long or intense training session how can we prepare our bodies to do battle again the next day?  Does stretching or yoga ever cross your mind? It should. Deep stretches, and yoga-based movement are a natural way to combat the negative effects of BJJ training on the body. Yes, you can still drink your protein shake, but seriously consider adding some deep stretching to your regimen.

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Check out this 10-minute recovery session for grapplers from Sebastian Brosche. He takes us through a series of stretches using the wall as his training partner. The stretches shown here are accessible to anyone at any flexibility level, and they’re sure to produce results. Have a look.


Brosche guides us through several stretches that will open and loosen the muscles we tend to beat up so badly during training. Our hips, inner thighs, lower back, quads, and hamstrings all seem to become extremely tight after we train BJJ. Relaxing these muscles and stretching them post training can relive the tightness and reduced flexibility. Stretching can actually lengthen and reset your muscles. We also accumulate a build up of lactic acid in our muscles over a prolonged training session. Stretching can help to ease the effects of lactic acid as well, which will in turn reduce soreness.

Make time for 10 minutes of stretching after you train, or perhaps even before you go to bed. This small amount of time spent stretching can have hugely beneficial effects on how you feel the next morning.

Join John "No Gi Yogi" Stockman, and his DVD "Grappling With Yoga", and improve your flexibility, recovery and soreness in no time. BJJ Fanatics has it here!



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