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Quick Counter to the Collar Tie

Quick Counter to the Collar Tie


Even if your not a skilled wrestler, you probably have ended up clinching up with someone in a collar tie. The collar tie is one of the most widely utilized clinch in wrestling and Jiu Jitsu. Even students who have yet to learn techniques from the collar tie realize it’s potential and make it their primary target when wrestling. 

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The collar tie provides a lot of potential in terms of takedowns. This position can be used to set up a wide variety of techniques like double legs, single legs, duck unders and many others. More so, the collar tie gives rise to one of the most used takedowns in Jiu Jitsu, the snap down. One of my favorite moves to hit from the collar tie is a snap down to a guillotine.

Being stuck in a powerful collar tie can be exhausting. The most common reaction people have to bring stuck in a collar tie is getting a collar tie of their own, which is definitely a viable response, but there are other things one can do. In fact, there is a lot of great counter takedowns one can utilize when they get caught in a collar tie.

Logan Stieber is one of the best wrestlers to hit the scene, winning the NCAA championship, one of the most prestigious competitions in wrestling, four times. In the following video, Logan illustrates a beautiful and slick takedown one can utilize when they are stuck in a collar tie.

When someone gets a collar tie, they are usually reluctant to release it because it’s so powerful. Unfortunately, this is a bad idea if the person they are up against knows how to take advantage of that stubbornness.

In order to get this technique going, you need your opponent to come forward at you. Although Logan shows how you can get them to do that by pushing them, they will also often just come forward anyway. By sliding their arm across the body, you are taking away your body, which is their base to balance on, causing them to fall forward. You can also finish this takedown by grabbing a single leg or rotating to the back depending on what your opponent does.

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