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Raphael Carneiro Shares 2 Fundamentals For BJJ

Raphael Carneiro Shares 2 Fundamentals For BJJ


Raphael Carneiro And Other BJJ Black Belts Know That A Great Game Is Built On Solid Fundamentals...

Coach Raphael Carneiro is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Marco Antonio Barbose. Carneiro has been training BJJ for over 17 years, still competing in most of the main IBJJF tournaments such as Worlds, and both Europeans and International Opens. He is a remarkable coach who has produced several high level athletes. Carneiro is IBJJF Certified and is also ranked among the top 50 black belts in the world by IBJJF. Raphael’s list of accolades is long. Some of his notable achievements are: IBJJF Atlanta Open Champion (Weight and Open Class), 2x IBJJF Toronto Open Champion (Weight and Open Class), 4x IBJJF Boston Open Champion, IBJJF New York Open Champion and more.

Though simple in thought, gi chokes are really tough to finish. It's all about the grip. Judo players are known for their grips and chokes. Travis Stevens (Judo Olympian and BJJ Black Belt) is one of the leading experts on how to attack and submit your opponents with ease using gi chokes.


No matter how long you have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or other grappling martial arts. The fundamentals will all be primary parts of any high level positions that you learn in your upper belt levels. Having mastery of simple principles can be the differences that determine whether a match is won or lost. There are many fundamentals and concepts that will change your game, and lead developing more advanced techniques. Rahpael knows that fundamentals are what win matches, and he has compiled some of his best techniques into this one series. Raphael’s clear and concise instructions make these moves easy to learn, no matter what level of experience you have. With that in mind, here are 2 fundamental techniques from Raphael Carneiro.

#1: Slick Omoplata Set Up

From closed guard, typically what Raphael does first is isolate the arm he wants to attack by grabbing the gi sleeve and placing that arm next to his hips. Then Raphael puts his opposite foot on his training partner’s hip. He does this so he can have something to post on which allows him to shift his hip. Now you want to hip up and get your training partner’s arm into the kimura position. Carneiro points out that an omoplata is basically a kimura in the way you bend the arm. With your leg and arm controlling the kimura grip, use a triangle lock to secure the omoplata and sit up. It is very important when you sit up to prevent your training partner from rolling out of the omoplata. To do this reach over his back and grab his gi and open his lapel.

#2: Back Take From Closed Guard

To his this back take from closed guard, Raphael slides his hand under his opponent’s wrist, grabbing his own wrist. From here he pulls up to break his training partner’s grip. He then pushes his opponent’s hand under his own. As he pushes the hand under he uses his legs to break down his opponent’s posture, bringing him closer in. Now Raphael can reach around his back and grip under his training partner’s arm pit to trap him, so he can’t regain his posture. Carneiro then opens his guard and scoots out. Once his hip is escaped he used his leg in a pendulum like motion to get up on his side. He pulls his elbow back, using it to base as he reaches out for his lapel using the arm controlling his opponent’s back. When Carneiro gets the lapel grip he plants his foot on the ground, escapes his other foot by pulling it back, using it as his first hook. Then Raphael gets his second hook inside, and now has established good back control. Using a seat belt grip, he keeps his ear against his opponent’s ear. From here you can pull your opponent back to have his back with you on the floor.

If you liked these techniques then be sure to give them a try the next time you are on the mats. And if you are looking for more great ways to improve your fundamentals then check out Raphael Carneiro’s great instructional series “Dynamic Fundamentals” available exclusively on!

2x US Olympian in Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under John Danager and one of the top "chokers" in the world. What makes his choking game so unique is the setups and grips he uses. Judo martial artists have the best grips for throws and chokes... because that's all they do. Take one of the best judo fighters in the world and combine it with his extensive BJJ experiene and knowledge and you get one of the best Jiu Jitsu DVD / On Demand Series out there: Chokes by Travis Stevens



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