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Ryan Hall Submits BJ Penn with an Inside Heel Hook!

Ryan Hall Submits BJ Penn with an Inside Heel Hook!


 The Wizard With Another Submission Win!

Ryan Hall submitted BJ Penn at UFC 232 with a nasty inverted heel hook in the first round. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Hall inside the cage. He was victorious in his last bout against Gray Maynard 2 years ago, but unfortunately hasn’t received much attention since then.

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Hall is a BJJ scientist, and to those of us who enjoy watching some high level BJJ in MMA, we can definitely appreciate what he’s getting done in the octagon. Beating Penn may get Hall the exposure he needs to be presented with more opportunities within the UFC. He’s had a long successful career in grappling and has contributed much to the sport. Let’s hope he gets a fair shot to do the same in MMA. Here’s a quick highlight of the submission.

The reverse or inverted heel hook is one of the most dangerous submissions in grappling. IN training it’s danger can be mitigated through tapping early and trusting your training partners. But when its used in a competition setting, attempts to escape, and the full application of the technique can lead to some nasty injuries.

In this video Lachlan Giles talks, a about the inside heel hook set up, and also gives us some ideas on safety during the application of the heel hook. Give it a watch.

We cannot ignore the leg game. It has become too prevalent. But we do need to respect its ability to do serious damage to our training partners. You can still train the legs and go home uninjured if your whole team is on the same page. Take care of each other.

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It was great to see a leg lock finish in a high-level MMA event. Though the masses may be more interested in the stand-up wars, as BJJ players we can certainly appreciate the beauty of a very well executed lower body submission. Congratulations Ryan Hall.

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