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Sean Ashley Enters the System… A BJJ Fanatics Testimonial

Sean Ashley Enters the System… A BJJ Fanatics Testimonial

BJJ Fanatics works diligently to bring in the best instructors in the world to share their jiu-jitsu.

With access to the best instruction, material, and concepts, many have made enormous jumps in their BJJ game by making this phenomenal material a part of their BJJ study. 

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Take a look at this testimonial in reference to John Danaher’s leg lock instructional. Here we see firsthand the results of studying Danaher’s methods, in the form of a leg lock victory via inside heel hook by Sean Ashley. 

As you can see, the study of Danaher’s leg lock instructional has helped Ashely achieve a greater level of proficiency in his leg lock game. Ashley beautifully transitions through a leg entanglement and hunts down the inside heel hook for the finish. Great work Sean!

In this video we can get a glimpse of one of the most important variables in securing a solid heel hook, and something Mr. Ashley demonstrated in his victory, heel exposure. This instruction is brought to you by the man himself, John Danaher!

As Danaher works to secure his inside heel hook from a cross ashi garami position, his partner defends by turning his heel in to Danaher’s hip and pointing his toes away. This is a common, and effective method of defense. Here, Danaher hooks his foot under his partners far thigh, creating connection and a scooping effect. His other foot will be used as a drive leg. As he scoots his hips under his partner, he pushes off the mat with the drive leg, and elevates with the opposite scooping leg. This transitions his partner to the opposite side where Danaher can easily lock a figure of four and create the heel exposure he needs for a strong finish.

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There are so many subtleties in our study BJJ that we often overlook. These tiny details can be game changers, and if we hope to be successful at higher levels, we must seek out the best information! 

Congratulations to Sean Ashley on his beautiful finish! 

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