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Seth Daniels is Gearing up for Subversiv 2

Seth Daniels is Gearing up for Subversiv 2


With its exciting format, no nonsense ruleset, and its ability to draw some of the biggest names in the sport, Fight to Win Pro has become an absolute powerhouse in the BJJ competition scene.

Seth Daniels has been touring the US relentlessly, sharing his product with droves of BJJ fans, and elevating the status of jiu-jitsu among the masses. 

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Daniels has committed himself and the organization to showcasing the athletes as well as supporting a multitude of great causes. He’s is a true supporter of the art, and shows his commitment to the athletes by compensating them with more than fair prize money and bonuses for great performances. 

Over the course of the last several months we’ve seen the team BJJ competition format begin to gain some momentum. These team events offer a unique way to experience BJJ competition, and this where Daniels is turning his attention to with his new brainchild, “Subversiv”.

Subversiv is a 5 VS. 5 team event governed by the EBI rules format, with the winning team receiving 10K to split amongst themselves. 

Subversiv’s inaugural event took place last September in Anaheim, with 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu emerging as the victors. With Subversiv 2 on the horizon, 10th Planet is preparing to return to the Subversiv arena and defend their title. But it won’t be a walk in the park, as Subversiv 2 will also be hosting “Red Bowie”, led by Joao Miyao. As the opposing party to the 10th Planet crew, Red Bowie will also be in the hunt for that 10K cash prize. 

Subversiv 2 is set to air on July 13th from the Commerce Casino in Commerce, CA, and this is not one to be missed. Daniels always produces the best shows in grappling, and I have no doubt that Subversiv 2 will completely live up to the hype. 

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The team format is a relatively new concept to BJJ competition, but it is exciting and it offers a new way to experience a grappling contest, and with Daniels at the helm of Subversiv it will likely become a powerhouse in the scene. 

Don’t forget to tune in and experience Subversiv for yourself on Saturday, July 13th!

Seth Daniels is the Fight To Win guy! He is also a BJJ Black Belt, and an amazing grappler! Check out his DVD "Fight To Win System", and learn all his tricks! Check it out here!



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