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Should I Train While On the Road

Should I Train While On the Road


Go Check Out A New Gym. It Is Always A Good Time...

Last week, while I was on vacation, I was a little unsure about training at a gym away from home.  I debated for a few days about whether or not I should go train and where I should go if I did. After some back and forth conversation with my instructor, I decided to train at a school under the same affiliation.

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My first thought after checking out their schedule was that I was in for a treat with a MMA based class, since I haven’t actually trained any MMA in a while.  It was a wrestling class with some added strikes and cage work.

I stopped in the gym a little early to get a little clarification on what to expect out of the class.  After a few minutes the instructor said he would be more than willing to change the class to a no-gi BJJ class, so that I would feel more comfortable and still be able to get some training in.

After a little stretching and a familiar warm-up, we jumped right into drilling the technique.  The coach treated me as if I were an everyday student, paying attention to where I struggled and showed me how to adjust to make the best of what we were working on.  We drilled for about an hour, adding in a fun submission (one that was entirely new to me), then switched to live rolling for about 30 minutes. After rolling with each member there, the class ended just in time for the next class to begin.  The amount of humility, hospitality, and overall fun I experienced truly speaks to me on my journey.

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So, if you’re out of town for either vacation or work and you’re debating on training at another school, if you feel comfortable about it, go for it.  You can always email the school asking them about the schedule and specific classes. If you’re lucky enough to have them change something around to fit your skill level, then you definitely should do it.  You’ll get the chance to meet some great people with some great knowledge.

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