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Shut Your Opponent Down From Side Control With Kurt Osiander

Shut Your Opponent Down From Side Control With Kurt Osiander


Demoralize Your Opponent With Kurt Osiander’s Side Control!

Side control is one of the most amazing positions you can find yourself. Sorry, not on bottom, I am talking about on top. Why is it so good to be in top side control? Well, it is a great spot to stop and catch your breath with relative safety. It is also a great spot to attack from. It takes less energy to control an opponent from side control than it does to try and fight from the bottom.  With some basic hip control and positioning, you can keep a person stuck on their back, and hopelessly trying to find a solution to escape from underneath you.

Kurt Osiander is a firm believer in side control. He uses the position to dominate and control his opponents, making him a good person to learn side control from.


In the video below we will take a look at Kurt Osiander’s demoralizing side control plus choke. Check out the video and then we will break it down!

Kurt Osiander likes to start off in side control with what he calls the “old style” grip – using his arm to control his opponent’s shoulder and arm and a hand always by the hip, grabbing the gi if you can. As the guy starts to go to his knees Kurt stalls him and comes underneath his arm and feeds his lapel to his hand. Then he pulls and walks around his opponent to choke him.

Then he shows a variation. As the opponent starts to turn and he gets the collar, Kurt blocks behind his head with his knee, looks out and pulls.

What is great about this choke is that even if you do not get it you can still demoralize your opponent with some arm entanglement. You have his your opponent’s arm and it is yours to play with as long as you stay tight to your opponent and maintain that arm control.

So there you have it, a simple an effective technique from side control that will heavily restrict your opponent’s ability to successful defend, demoralizing him in the process. Keep this one in mind the next time you are in a live roll. Surely it will require some drilling but with a little practice this one is easy to pull off.

Kurt has decades of experience as a coach, and he will bring you through each move with a clear focus (and a few jokes) so you can't miss what really matters. Every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practicioner, from a beginner white belt through to the senior black belts can watch this series and come away with new tricks and traps to surprise everyone! Kurt gives you the best BJJ moves for breaking through your opponent's defenses, all the way to the tap. Turn your side control into a double and triple submission threat as you see how to move seamlessly from choke to armbar and back again and never be more than a grip away from victory when you get your hands on loop choke variation after variation that will keep everyone you face on the defensive.


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