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Simple Takedown With Jay Wadsworth

Simple Takedown With Jay Wadsworth



Being able to control and secure a takedown can be a difficult endeavor. It is a skill that is used across multiple areas in combat. Whether you are an MMA fighter, Law enforcement officer, or just a regular old BJJ’er being able to get the fight to the floor remains a weak spot for many.

When we think of takedowns as BJJ people we can get caught up in the Judo and Wrestling highlights that we’ve studied. Ultimately in most situations we really just need them to make contact with the floor. So as cool as a big throw or suplex is to land it isn’t always necessary.

It Doesn’t have to be a perfect looking, it can be ugly. For instance if you watch someone like Demian Maia you will surely see a different style of takedown strategy. The goal remains the same though. Force the opponent into a position or reaction and attack.

Think body lock from the rear. Instead of a big suplex, how about lifting and swaying their hips and forcing their hand to the mat. Great opportunity to start to slip hooks into their raised base. This is a common approach with grapplers who aren’t always looking for a big throw.

Simplicity is key when talking self defense or Law Enforcement. While working with folks who have little grappling experience it benefits them much more spending time on simple/practical techniques. Takedowns involve a lot of off balancing and hand fighting that can be quite difficult for a beginner to understand.

Enter Jay Wadsworth. Jay has become a great resource when it comes to merging the lines between BJJ and Law Enforcement. His YouTube channel has ample footage of him competing, teaching 92 Guard, and handcuffing techniques. Jay also has multiple instuctionals here at BJJFANATICS.

The wrist weave technique showed in the above video is in reference to escorting a person and they start to curl their arm in to get away. At first glance you might think that this only applies to LEO and self defense, but how often do people limp arm out of your overhook? Food for thought.

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By Switching his wrist grip Jay is able to keep his subjects wrist pinned towards their chest. This also starts to provide the space needed to thread the inside hand. The inside hand makes a fist and keeps the thumb pointing up towards the ceiling. Controlling like this feels very strong and you’ll have great leverage on that arm/shoulder.

Jay maintains the position by keeping a sturdy base and his head tucked to the subject’s ear. This reduces the chances of receiving damage. From here you can start breaking their posture by pushing down with your grip configuration and walking your feet back slightly. Verbal commands are also able to be issued from this position. If they are non compliant you can simply “punch” towards the ground and sprawl your hips.

If you or anyone you know is involved in Law Enforcement share this simple technique with them. Training can lead to higher confidence levels for all individuals but Law Enforcement across the nation should be getting involved with Jiu-Jitsu.

Jay Wadsworth is a BJJ Black Belt and leading mind in Law Enforcement influenced self defense. Check out his work here at BJJ Fanatics and learn from a Fight To Win vet!



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