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Slick Collar Tie Counter By Wrestling Champion

Slick Collar Tie Counter By Wrestling Champion


 The collar tie is the most popular grip utilized by grapplers during stand up. The collar tie is extremely powerful and provides the person using it with a lot of control over the defender, especially their posture. The collar tie also leads to takedowns as well such as snap downs, double legs, and ankle picks. For grapplers the enjoy the guillotine, the collar tie is an excellent tool to get into the front headlock position as well.

Pritt Mihkelson describes his training as “functionalistic minimalism” – based on fundamental postures and movements that ever grappler needs to know.


In my years of grappling, I have only learned of a few counters to the collar tie that work well. The problem with most counters is that they have limited effectiveness against bigger, stronger grapplers that can get a lot of my head with their hand. Another problem with these counters is that they don’t really lead to anything useful.

The first collar tie defense I learned that works well is a break to the Russian tie. This counter works well against grappler’s of all size because it is technique based. It is also useful because it allows you to proceed to a dominant position that you can takedown from.

In the following video, however, we are exposed to a very cool and powerful counter to the collar tie that works well in all regards. It is taught by 2018 wrestling champion J’Den Cox.

I like this counter because it uses something we use a lot in Jiu Jitsu but don’t think about often, and its pain. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, if I can apply enough pain, I can make you react. A reaction is usually all we need to get ahead and begin our attacks.

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