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Smash Through Your BJJ Plateau

Smash Through Your BJJ Plateau


If you train enough eventually you’ll reach a point where you feel like you aren’t improving. This is a natural part of progression in BJJ. There is no substitute for showing up and putting in time on the mat. That said, with enough time spent training there will come a time where you can feel a little lost.

Having great instructors and ample availability of information can help alleviate this lost feeling.  Instructors can help breakthroughs in your game because they are observing it from the outside. They will start to know your tendencies and can point out weaknesses and sharpen strengths. That’s a good sign of a great instructor.

After a good deal of training you might find yourself wanting to explore further information through online resources and YouTube. There never has been a better time for exploration of technique than now. This is another way to breakthrough that plateau. Instructionals can be utilized for a variety of benefit.

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For example maybe you have found a liking to a specific position that isn’t utilized commonly at your academy. Now you can access high level instruction for ANY game you want to learn. By focusing in on that position you can start to refine certain details that work at the highest level.

Another benefit to this is you’ll start playing with those strategies at your gym, and perhaps influence some others around you. This constant stream of new info is what keeps people’s training varied and sharp. By adding new details and strategies to positions not only will you sharpen your offense but your teammates will start to adapt and become stronger as well.

Being willing to dive into the weak aspects of your game is how you achieve new heights. If you are an Ex-wrestler type but struggle off of your back you can now specialize your focus. Sharpening up weak parts of your game seems like a no brainer, but can be easier said than done. Rolling is a great way to expose these weaknesses. Rolling with an open mind and exchanging positions is especially effective when trying to break new ground.

Relaxing while training can seem cliche’, but being able to exchange positions and spend time in multiple areas is extremely beneficial. Especially if you consider some rolls will be spent in closed guard with neither participant doing much to advance their position. By relaxing and playing multiple games you start to become better adapted to the overall battle. Through these exchanges you can analyze what you need to work on and what strategies are working.

Having a mindset of always striving to be better is what can help you recognize plateaus in the first place. If you only ever use your “A” game regardless of training partner you’ll short change your progression in the long run. This short Jocko clip can provide a little insight on constantly pushing to be better. Enjoy!



If you want to utilize the best instructional material available you have come to the right place and clicked on the right link. Right NOW is the time to buckle down and SMASH that plateau. Drilling can be done ANYTIME and Tom DeBlass can show you how to drill with or without a partner! 




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