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For many people, passing the closed guard in no gi is a difficult task. With the gi, you have so many handles and grips to use, that it is with a bit more ease to perform. But when the gi comes off, it is hard to get that guard  pass. You have to know the proper movements and placement of your limbs so that you don’t get submitted or swept over. BJJ legend and champion, Dean Lister has a standing guard pass that can be used by anyone in the no gi realm of grappling. If you are looking for a nice guard pass for no gi, then check this one out.

Standing guard pass –

The first thing Dean does is maintain good posture in guard. As you’ll see, do not slouch over. You have to be sitting heavy on your feet, with your hips forward, not your upper body. You have to then make sure that your arms are safe from an arm lock attack. Keeping your elbows inward, with your hands on your opponent’s ribs, armpits or biceps will be your best bet. Once you have these aspects down, you’ll be ready to go for the pass.

For example, you can put both of your hands on the opponent’s right side ribs, and then step your left leg up by his hips, keeping your leg close to his body to avoid a sweep. You should be on your knee, with your toes and ball of your foot pointed downwards. When ready, move one hand to the opponent’s knee. Then you will hop up and turn your knee in towards his hips and use your hand that is on his knee to push his leg open. When his guard opens, shuck your hips and go right into side control.

As you can see, this isn’t a hard technique at all. Dean Lister shows that passes don’t have to be fancy or overcomplicated to work. In no gi, this pass will work awesomely. Dean has some really great material that he teaches, and that material has also been put on DVD. Don’t forget to give his DVD set, Leg Attacks & Grappling Hacks, at BJJ Fanatics for only $77.

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