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Steam Roller Escape by Eduardo Telles

Steam Roller Escape by Eduardo Telles


Everyone knows the feeling of being pinned in side control. While rolling against a larger opponent it can be that much more difficult. There are many different escapes that we have all been shown since the beginning of our individual journey’s. Different techniques seem to work depending on certain circumstances. With Tremendous pressure squeezing every ounce of air out of your lungs, bottom side control can be one of the most frustrating positions to be trapped in. Eduardo Telles is known for his turtle guard as well as his octopus guard and he’d be an excellent person to learn from to get out of this position.

Eduardo Telles is a World Champion, No Gi (2013), Pan Am Champion (2007), Brazilian National Champion – CBJJE (2008), amongst an array of other titles. Eduardo Telles shows an effective reversal that will place you in a position to attack from top side control. Telles refers to this technique as the Steam Roller. Like most techniques demonstrated by an accomplished black belt, it will leave you scratching your head on why you have never thought to do it naturally. A move that seems to be so easy you should have been doing it all along. Techniques like the Steam Roller are a very good example on why not panicking in a bad position is essential. Take a look!



The unusual aspect of the Steam Roller is that you give up your back for a moment. Depending on how your opponent reacts you can either regain your guard or reverse them. As Eduardo explains, if the opponent does not get their grips, you will sit out and regain your guard. On the other hand, when your opponent gets any number of grips, such as a seat belt or a lapel grip, you will trap the arm by pinching to your body. This will allow you to roll them. With their arm pinned to your body, the opponent will have a hard time finding a base. Thus, forcing the reversal and placing you in top side control. As Telles demonstrates, your back will still be facing your partner. Telles uses a firm grip on the pants to add top pressure until he can square up.

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Dissimilar body types and skill levels are all factors that will come in to play when your choosing a path of escape from side control. The Steam Roller may be a very good technique to add to your side control escape arsenal, especially if you’ve been stuck in a continuous loop of standard side control escape variations. Having lots of options from every position is key. As some techniques will present themselves at different times. I hope you enjoyed the technique. Telles is a master of these types of positions and everyone can benefit from the teachings of this legend. 

 The Turtle Guard Revisited by Eduardo Telles

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