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Stop the Guard Pass with This Brutal Choke!

Stop the Guard Pass with This Brutal Choke!


Brutal Loop Choke Off The Pass!

There’s lots of different ways to thwart a guard pass. You can put the passer out of position by using their own energy. You can change the angle of the pass with good hip movement, or off balance the passer with good mechanics from the bottom. These are all great options, but you can really stop a good guard passer in their tracks with the threat of a submission. If a top player doesn’t respect your trap and continues to move forward you may just get an easy tap. Worst case scenario they have to backpedal a bit, which allows you to re-position, and reestablish your guard.

Check out this loop choke variation from Daniel Beleza. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, as it is both creative and effective. Have a look.

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In this particular instance, the passer is beginning with a double under style pass, and wishes to step over the leg, to possibly transition to an over under style pass.

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With a loop choke style 4 finger grip in the collar Beleza baits the passer into stepping over his leg to transition to the over under. As the top man takes the bait, Beleza feeds the head into a guillotine type configuration. He then threads his right hand through the space in his left arm securing the loop. To make things even worse he continues on by locking a full triangle over the top of the loop choke set up. With a tight constriction of the legs the brutal choke comes to fruition.

This is pretty sneaky, and it’s sure to get results. This choke has to be incredibly tight, and once it’s locked in, I’d think there would be little chance of escape.

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