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Submission Chaining Drill with Tom DeBlass

Submission Chaining Drill with Tom DeBlass



One of our toughest tasks as beginners can be chaining submissions together. When we first begin learning, the concept of linking multiple techniques may be a little bit elusive. As we learn each technique individually, our early efforts to submit can become a little one dimensional and easier to defend. Attacking in sequences can lead us to submit our opponents through linking several submissions together. A great way to acquire this skill is by using submission chaining drills. With lots of repetitions, we can download some common reactions to submissions, and where to go next.

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Professor Tom DeBlass gives us a perfect example of one of these submission chains in this video. This particular drill begins in side control and addresses common reactions as well as what to do next. Have a look!

Starting in side control, DeBlass begins this drill by clearing the near side frame to achieve good position and an unobstructed path. He starts by attacking the americana lock. As his partner straightens his arm to defend, DeBlass makes a slight adjustment and now secures a straight arm lock. The pressure from the straight arm lock invites his partner to bend his arm into the perfect kimura configuration. DeBlass takes advantage of this by pulling his partner up on to his side and stepping over the body to begin attacking the kimura. Next DeBlass transitions seamlessly to an arm bar, and as his partner defends in hitchhiker escape fashion, He shifts into an omoplata, and finally a triangle.

As DeBlass explains at the end of the video, performing a sequence like this for a 10-minute interval will certainly give you a workout. Not to mention the fact that with some consistency you’ll develop amazing recognition skills that will pop out in your live training and help you become a little more successful when hunting down those submissions. Take the time to perform each technique perfectly. Start slow and add speed only when the drill becomes smoother.

Sometimes when we elect to just roll all the time, we perpetuate some of our worst habits. Drilling can force us to take a look at areas where we’ve become deficient and repair them. Make some time for drilling, it will tighten up your game in a variety of ways. Professor DeBlass’s instructional will be available soon! Let the drilling begin!

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