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Submission Underground 10 Preview

Submission Underground 10 Preview


It might not feel like it but the holiday season is right around the corner and December will be here before you know it, bringing with it Submission Underground 10! On December 22nd, the next of the SUG series will take place in Portland Oregon at the Roseland Theater as well at streaming live for those that aren’t within traveling distance. 


Gordon Ryan will be appearing post ADCC to face Gabriel Gonzaga, and Craig Jones will be meeting with Dean Lister in a leg lock battle. As the name suggests, this will be a submission only event and not based on points. The matches will be eight minutes long with option for overtime and all submissions are legal. Competitors will take turns starting from preferred positions, flipping a coin for the initial start to see who goes first. They are allowed to choose from starting from a back attack position (rear mount with seatbelt), or a spiderweb (armbar) position. If one opponent succeeds in submitting their competitor from their chosen start position but the other does not, then the one that achieved submission is deemed the winner. If both are able to get a tap from the defender then the match will go into overtime with a possibility of three overtime rounds. If the competitors reach the end of all three overtime rounds with no submission then they factor in speed, and the fighter with the fastest combined escape time is the winner. At any point, if a competitor abandons the preferred starting position for a leg attack they will have 10 seconds to secure a submission before the match is ended by the referee. 


Now that we know the background of the tournament, what are we looking for during the main events? Gordon Ryan will be a gigantic force during this event, and if he doesn’t choose to attack from the back then he will throw us all for a loop. His record for submitting with a rear naked choke is impressive, so being able to begin from that spot will need a tough defensive strategy from Gabriel Gonzaga. Take a look at the “Enter the system” series that focuses on Back attacks to study up before the match and watch for the use of any of the topics that are discussed during the tutorial. Understanding the concepts and reasons for different submissions will make fighters actions much easier to follow, and also shine a brand new light on how to flow through different situations that come up in live grappling tournaments. Being familiar with the base fundamentals of back attacks will allow you to watch with a deeper and sharper focus on the minute movements during the tournament, which will heighten your appreciation even more! 

Gabriel Gonzaga is not to be forgotten during this match up, as he has proven himself in many different disciplines and is a fierce competitor. He will likely be able to pull from his vast amount of knowledge in MMA, BJJ and Judo to defend and attack against Gordon Ryan. 

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The other meeting that we are looking forward to seeing during Submission Underground 10 is Craig Jones vs Dean Lister. Known for his leg locks, Craig Jones will have a tough decision to make during this event- go for the legs and succeed in 10 seconds, or maneuver himself to a leg position via the other starting points. Either way, get familiar with his leg lock tutorials before the event in order to spot them quickly so you are aware of his approaches. 


As I mentioned, Dean Lister will need to come into the match with a strong defensive strategy to beat Craig Jones’. If anyone is up for the challenge, he is! His ‘worry free escapes’ will come in handy with Jones on the attack. Watching his ability to escape from precise and tight holds, especially if any leg locks are attempted, will be amazing to see! 

Take time to understand the approaches of all of these competitors in the next few weeks in order to appreciate the matches even more! Once you soak up the information and then watch it applied in a live match, you will be able to incorporate them into your own grappling arsenal in the future at a higher level of success. 

Stay tuned to the Fanatics website and social media for updates on the competition as it draws near and more information is released on the match ups. In the meantime, study and get excited!

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