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Submissions From Closed Guard Flower Sweep



The flower sweep is one that you will keep coming back to in your Jiu Jitsu journey. It is simple, yet highly effective. The fact that it can be done both gi or no gi just adds to that power that is the flower sweep. When it comes to the closed guard, this is one you can use over and over again. But because it is such a powerful sweep, people know how to defend it easily. That is where submissions come in. There are a few submissions that you can hit from when someone defends your sweep. Here are a couple of subs that you can get from a defended flower sweep.

Armbar from closed guard flower sweep

Your opponent has ended up in your closed guard. And you want to start a flower sweep. First, you grip the left sleeve of the kimono with your left hand, and grip the pant leg with your right hand. As you begin the sweep, your opponent takes his right arm and posts with it. Usually that is the end of the technique. Now you can transfer easy to armbar. Shrimp your hips out, take your left foot off of the hip and throw it over the opponent’s neck.  Apply your hips upward and finish the armbar.

Triangle choke from closed guard flower sweep

Same as last time. Your opponent is now in your closed guard. You go for the flower sweep just as before, the same grips. Left hand grip on sleeve, and right hand grip on the pants. Except this time, instead of posting with the cross arm, the opponent breaks your sleeve grip and posts with that arm. All you have to do is throw your hips up, and lock in the triangle choke. If your opponent postures too high, then an omoplata is also available.

The flower sweep is great. It is such a simple sweep, yet the results from a successful one are great. While you should always aim to get the sweep completed, any good Jiu Jitsu competitor will be able to defend. This is where these submissions will come into play. Always have your next technique ready. Claudio Calasans has a DVD set, where one of the discs contains flower sweep attacks. Check it out at BJJ Fanatics!

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