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Takedowns for Self Defense

Takedowns for Self Defense


Imagine yourself in a crowded situation where a fight breaks out. Sure you could try to punch your way out of the situation, but our hands are awfully brittle. The number one thing to do in this situation is getting away with your life. A quick takedown can allow us to drop our attacker and hopefully make a quick escape.

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Ideally we could be like Mike Tyson in a self-defense scenario. Dropping our attacker and making a clean escape would be perfect for self-defense. Sadly, most humans on earth do not have the tenacity and power to put peoples lights out like Tyson. Thankfully, most humans on earth with a little training and know-how can perform takedowns that range from simple to high amplitude.

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Here Travis Stevens, a decorated American Judo Black Belt, demonstrates a simple takedown that could be used at your local tournament or your local pub. By utilizing a simple over hook Travis is able to force his opponent’s hands to the floor and execute a simple throw. Depending on the self-defense situation Mr. Stevens could choose multiple strategies. He could maintain control, get up and get out, or if the situation called for it he could strike his attacker.

As a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner we must be able to put the battle where we can utilize the most amount of our skills while at the same time limit our attacker/opponent’s options. If you’ve ever watched a self-defense scenario take place where a takedown could not be secured it usually doesn’t end well for the person trying to get it to the floor. This is why drilling and sparring takedowns is essential for the martial artist who truly wishes to be able to apply what they know in a self-defense scenario.

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