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The 10-Finger Guillotine with Lachlan Giles

The 10-Finger Guillotine with Lachlan Giles


Securing a guillotine on a high-level opponent can be tough. Experienced practitioners are very aware of their necks and when they are in danger. There are lots of ways to execute a guillotine. Whether you prefer the arm in, a high elbow, or another variation of the fundamental submission, making your way into a position where you can effectively submit your partner may require knowledge of more than just one style of guillotine. Long story short, we need the ability to switch between our guillotine attacks. As our partners defend, we have to be prepared to take a different route if we hope to pursue the submission to its completion.

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In this video Lachlan Giles demonstrates his version of a ten-finger guillotine. At times, when we’re attacking from a front headlock scenario, our opponent will hide their head under our body near the centerline. This keeps us from hugging the head on one side of our body for a traditional guillotine set up. Giles has a great answer for this. Check it out!

From a front headlock position with both of his arms committed to the inside of his partner’s shoulders, Giles cups his partner chin. He then places his other hand directly over the hand that’s cupping his partners chin. With these grips in place Giles has created a tight box around his partners head. From here, Giles pinches his elbows tight, and places his lower abdomen above his partner’s head. He then positions himself in a squatting type configuration, pushes his hips and belly in, and curls his hands up into his partner’s neck producing the submission.

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If his partner begins to retreat, Giles simply rises up and follows, applying the same mechanics and body positioning, to chase the submission.

This is a great option for when a traditional guillotine isn’t working out. Keep this one in mind, and add more danger to your front headlock submission game!

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