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The Arm Bar from Guard



One of the most effective positions in jiu jitsu is the full/closed guard.  The level of control that the guard player is able to exert over their opponent is nearly unparalleled.  It stands to reason then that the arm bar from guard is considered by many one of the most effective submissions.

At first glance the arm bar from guard seems almost TOO simple.  The guard player merely has to retain control over their opponent’s arm and throw their hips up to secure a devastating submission.  It is, however, a complex move that requires several simultaneous movements.

Recently, one of the most effective closed guard players, Dan Covel, put together this short tutorial with Bernardo Faria covering an arm bar from guard set up.  This video is short but there are tons of useful details in it.


This move can become a way of doing jiu jitsu.  If you start playing with this move, you’ll find yourself seeing opportunities more frequently.  There are many entries and variations on the technique, many minute details.

Start working the arm bar from guard on a regular basis, start drilling it.  Also, learn other submissions from guard.  These all flow into each other relatively effortlessly and intuitively.  The more you work on it the better you’ll be in the guard.

If you are interested in learning more about attacks from the guard, check out Bernardo Faria’s DVD set on the topic “THE CLOSED GUARD 4 DVD SET by Bernardo Faria” CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.




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