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The Baratoplata Can Be Your New Secret Weapon

The Baratoplata Can Be Your New Secret Weapon


The baratoplata is one of the least popular and the most underrated submissions in bjj.  You may not have even heard of this position.  The barataoplata was invented by Rafael Freitas, a competitive Gracie Barra black belt but was quickly adapted by legends such as Caio Terra.  This move has been proven effective at the highest levels of competitions on multiple occasions.

There are several reasons that the baratoplata is so effective. The primary reason is because of how easily you can get into it. You can get into the position from so many places, top, bottom, and from other submissions, making it a versatile technique in both martial arts and grappling rounds. Another reason that it is so effective is the fact that many people do not understand it and are not familiar with it. This gives you the element of surprise, especially in the unpredictability of a grappling round or martial arts scenario.

There is a danger associated with the element of surprise. Much like sophisticated leg locks such as the heel hook, since so many people don’t train these positions properly, there is a risk your opponent may not recognize the danger and get hurt, particularly when it involves joint holds and leverage. This is something to be aware of when utilizing the baratoplata. Let’s discuss some of the applications of the baratoplata and then why it is effective in both fighting scenarios and grappling rounds below!

Versatility of the Baratoplata

This submission is extremely versatile.  It is always wise to have an arsenal of versatile, effective and efficient moves.  What constitutes a versatile move?  Well, you would want to be able to use it from multiple positions such as guards, other submissions and top positions.  You also want to be able to use it in gi or no gi.  There are many gi chokes that are extremely versatile such as the cross choke.  The cross choke is very useful from a multitude of positions.  You can use it from top, bottom, guard, anywhere, this makes it a versatile position.  

The baratoplata is very similar.  The baratoplata can be used from closed guard, from mount, side control, knee on belly, while you are attempting an arm bar, and while you are doing a triangle.  You can also use it just as effectively in no gi as you can gi.  So, what exactly is the baratoplata?  Let’s have a look at a simple instructional video below.

As you can see above this is a shoulder lock application.  They demonstrated the basics of the attack from the triangle choke.  The baratoplata is an amazing attack to use when you are in a triangle or an arm bar and your opponent can defend the submission.  Typically, they will open themselves up for the baratoplata.  When someone tries to hide their arm from a triangle or an armbar they are giving you the gift of a baratoplata. 

The baratoplata is also an excellent sneak attack when you do it from the top position.  This is because you can set it up when your opponent is defending and trying to hide their limbs.  The grip that you need to get is very simple to achieve and it is extremely dominant once achieved.  Even if you set the position up from the bottom you may be able to get a sweep or finish it from the top.  Check out this video of Black Belt World Champion, Caio Terra finishing a baratoplata at the no gi Black Belt Worlds.

As you can see above there was a lot of scrambling and the initial set up Caio did was when his opponent defended the triangle choke, they rolled all over the place but Caio was relentless and ultimately got the submission.  Keep in mind that this is at the highest level of competition, when doing this position in the gym, you will likely get the tap much sooner.  Check out this video below of a bunch more baratoplata’s from top with the man who created it, Rafael Freitas!

A Lack of Familiarity with the Baratoplata

Another excellent benefit of learning a non-traditional submission like the baratoplata is the fact that other people may be unfamiliar with it.  This can come with a risk though, you have to exercise caution with positions like the Baratoplata because your opponent may not recognize the danger and can injure themselves because they don’t know they are in danger or they may move the wrong way.

Think about the heel hook, although they have exploded with popularity recently, people do not do them often and may not understand the proper escapes and they hurt themselves.  Just know that if you do the Baratoplata to go slow and be a good training partner.

This submission is something that many academies may not teach, and the set ups can also be super sneaky.  If your opponent is not familiar with the position when you are setting it up, it may be very easy to get the grips necessary to finish.  This is because they don’t know what you are looking for.  It’s not like the kimura or arm bar where your opponent knows what’s going on and is aware of what to do.

Let me guess, now you want to learn the Baratoplata don’t you?  Well lucky for you, we have a DVD set with the guy who created this position, Rafael Freitas.  In this DVD set he does through so may different set ups, exaplins everything with excellent detail and shows you how to change your submissions game.  It’s time to take advantage of this hole and learn one of the sneakiest and most dominant submissions there is.


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