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The Benefits of Attending Local Competitions



As Brazilian Jiu Jitsu proliferates, local and regional scenes become saturated with academies resulting in and increase in the number of competitions. I sometimes see people scoff at or ignore local competitions, but there are some major benefits to attending these tournaments, both to the local scene as well as to your own jiu jitsu, regardless of your level.

For starters, the more you compete the better you will be at competing. I’m not saying you’ll be better at jiu jitsu, only doing jiu jitsu will make you better at jiu jitsu, but your ability to handle the stress and rigors of jiu jitsu competition can only really be improved by attending competitions, and local competitions tend to be cheaper and far more accessible than the bigger ones.

Secondly you really never know who is going to show up. I’ve done some smaller competitions at which top 10 ranked IBJJF competitors showed up either to compete or to participate in super fights. I’ve seen some of the best in the world show up because they wanted an opportunity to practice. I’ve also had opportunities to compete against high level competitors simply because I was there. Chances are you can’t beat a high level competitor unless you yourself ARE a high level competitor, but at least it’ll give you a frame of reference.

It’ll help you build your local competition scene. The more people show up at the Podunk Grappling Challenge the more likely the promotion that put it on will be to put on subsequent events. Show up to your local events.

Here’s a video from a local event in Ohio at which JT Torres faced UFC Vet Dustin Hazelett. When you go to a local event you really never know who is going to make time to show up.

If you’re a fan of JT check out his DVD set (CLICK HERE) in which he details his preferred way to pass, take the back and submit his opponents. In the video below, JT shows an awesome arm-bar from the mount.


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