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The Clock Choke


When it comes to Jiu Jitsu, gi chokes are some of my most favorite techniques. They are powerful, they work quickly and add a great dimension to the choking game. Out of all the gi chokes, the clock choke is one that I always seem to go to when in correct position. A correctly executed clock choke is a fight ender. Once it is locked it, it was ridiculously difficult to get out of. Let’s take a look at some of the great ways of getting and finishing the clock choke.

The first and in my opinion, the best way to get to the clock choke is to get your opponent to the turtle position. Once they are in turtle, you can start to work on getting your grips. Be heavy on your partner, especially on their back and hips. After getting the correct pressure, you must work with your arms. One can go underneath to control the partner’s far wrist, while your other hand goes with a thumb in grip on his collar. Once you have a strong grip on the collar, you drive forward, pulling your partner’s far arm/wrist in so you can collapse him to the ground. From there, you sit your hips in front of your partner’s shoulder and start walking around this head, pulling on the collar. JT Torres, a world class black belt from Atos shows how he finishes the clock choke. He also shows an interesting rolling variation.

JT happens to be a master of the clock choke and shows with great detail on his DVD, Passing, Back Takes and Finishes. Be a great finisher with the technique and check out the DVD. (click link)

But like most good chokes, you don’t have to get to it and finish it from one particular position. The clock choke is also a pretty viable option from side control as well. When you have your partner in side control, you can manipulate your partner’s arms and lapel to set up a modified version of the choke to get a rather nasty tap. Ricardo Cavalcanti shows his personal way of submitting someone with the clock choke from side.

With all of the ways to attack an opponent from the turtle or side control, the clock choke is a technique to try. It isn’t nearly as popular as it should be. If you have ever tapped from a clock choke, then you know its ferocity. It is a mean feeling, grand choke. If you feel like trying a new technique, or constantly have your opponent in turtle, then learn it and apply it. You’ll be falling in love with it in no time.