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Submissions From The Crucifix


The crucifix position is one of the more underrated positions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It can be used as a great way to attack an opponent while he is in turtle. It can be another way of attacking from the back position. The control and the easy submissions that come from that position make it that much more favorable. While there isn’t a ton of submissions from there like other positions such as closed guard or mount, the subs that are there work exceptionally well. My two favorite submissions from the crucifix are both chokes. Read more to find out about these great attacks…

Rear naked choke from crucifix

Since the crucifix is just another version of back control, the first go to submission from there is obviously the rear naked choke. Once in the crucifix position, you must put your free hand into action right away. Taking your free hand, you must use the “blade” of your wrist and forearm to go underneath your opponent’s chin, going relatively deep in on the neck. When he goes to defend against your hand, take your hand that was controlling his shoulder and get a palm to palm grip, popularly known as a Dan Severn grip, an squeeze in. This is a strong choke that can end a match abruptly.

Collar choke from crucifix

The set up and attack for this collar choke is the same as the rear naked choke. Usually done rolling from the turtle, you will control your opponent’s far shoulder with your legs, and his close shoulder with your arm. With your free hand, you must use the “blade” of the your wrist and go underneath your opponent’s chin and get a deep grip on his collar. Once you have that grip, you must use your arm that is controlling his shoulder. Shoot that arm up and behind his head. Pull the collar and apply pressure with your hand behind his head. It’ll be time to tap.

The crucifix is a great way of getting around an opponent’s turtle. The turtle can be a tough position to crack, but the crucifix will make him think twice before trying to play it on you. Just worry about these two submissions, as they will get the job done and are not hard to attain. If you’re looking to improve your turtle attacking skills, checking out the Travis Stevens DVD set, Attacking & Defending The Turtle.

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