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The Great Baret Yoshida



Baret Yoshida is one BJJ competitor that has done it all. A crafty veteran who is still competing to this day, he has done so much in his Jiu Jitsu career. Growing up in Hawaii, Baret started his Jiu Jitsu journey in 1994 at Relson Gracie’s school, before finding and settling at the Inoue brother’s school. While tearing it up at the lower belts, he made his name known as ADCC in 1999. While he didn’t win in 99, he did have a very memorable match against ADCC legend, Royler Gracie which put him on the map. He would later gain silver medals at ADCC in 2001 and 2003. Baret would also go on to compete briefly in MMA, and now competes for submission only organizations such as EBI, Polaris and Fight To Win.

Baret is known for his exquisite use of the open guard and the crucifix position off of the back. The majority of his wins come from those positions. He is truly a mainstay of BJJ here in the United States. There are many great matches to look back on in his career. Here are just a few to highlight.

Baret Yoshida vs Rob Bradley @ Gracie Regionals 2014

Back in 2014, Baret entered the Gracie Regionals. While at that point, he had mixed results in competition, he entered to show that he was still a force to be reckoned with. In the no gi division, he faced black belt, Rob Bradley. It was a total dominate performance by Baret, as Bradley was able to never put Baret in any sort of danger. Towards the five minute mark, Baret would lock Rob up in his signature crucifix position and finish with a beautiful rear naked choke.

Baret Yoshida vs Cristyan Martins @ Gracie Regionals 2014

At the same Gracie Regional event where Baret submitted Rob Bradley in the no gi division, he also entered the gi division. In that bracket, he faced off against black belt, Cristyan Martins. The match was slow and grinding, with Baret playing mostly top position throughout the bout. But once again, Baret was able to get his opponent into the crucifix position and secure a one handed rear naked choke to make Martins tap.

Baret Yoshida vs Robson Moura @ Polaris 2

Last year at the second Polaris event, Baret Yoshida traveled to the UK to take on another BJJ legend, Robson Moura in a submission only bout. What transpired would be a technical battle of two world class black belts. The first half of the match had Baret playing his famed open guard, while Moura tried to pass. Later on in the match, after the nine and a half minute mark, Baret trapped Robson in the crucifix position. For over three minutes, he had Robson in danger in the crucifix, but Robson was able to escape. Even after the escape, Baret was the more active competitor, still working from his guard, putting Robson in uncomfortable spots. Due to Polaris rules, the match ended in a draw.

Baret Yoshida is an admired BJJ teacher and competitor for a reason. He has not stopped competing since the 1990’s! He constantly competes at a high level against straight killers, and wins. Baret’s next match is a submission only gi title match in Chicago at F2W Pro 13 on September 24th! He will be facing Mike Reyna in what surely will be another fantastic bout. Check out F2W Pro 13 on FloGrappling on September 24th.


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