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The Deadly Ezekiel Choke From A Deadly Man: Murilo Bustamante

The Deadly Ezekiel Choke From A Deadly Man: Murilo Bustamante


Ezekiel From Mount by Murilo Bustamante

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the Ezekiel choke is one of the best chokes to learn. It is known for its versatility and high level of efficacy. The name of the choke comes from a famous Brazilian Judo Olympian named Ezequiel Paraguassu. Also known as Sode Guruma Jime in Japanese, the Ezekiel choke is a common submission that uses the gi sleeve as leverage to choke your opponent. The choke consists of using your own gi sleeve and the wrist, using a scissoring motion to block your opponent’s trachea or artery, causing them to go unconscious.

Did you know that Murilo is probably best known for his UFC title defense where he had to tap Matt Lindland out twice? Learn how he did it.


The Ezekiel choke became popular in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu during the 1990’s. It is one of the few chokes that is safe to try while in top guard or from mount. There are many variations of the Ezekiel, and you will often see it used in competition all the time. Today we are going to explore the Ezekiel choke from top mount. If there is one person who is a master of the Ezekiel choke, it’s Murilo Bustamante. Murilo is a retired Brazilian mixed martial artist (MMA) and former UFC middle weight champion. He is one of the founders of the Brazilian Top Team and is the current leader. In addition to competing for the UFC, he has also fought in PRIDE, making it to the Pride Shockwave 2005 Final, and also fought in Yarennoka.

Watch the video below of Murilo Bustamante demonstrating an Ezekiel choke from top mount and then we will break down the technique. Check it out now!

The first thing Murilo points out is the proper posture to have from top mount. This is actually very important to get right first before you do anything else. You want to pressure down with your hips as you post forward on the mat. You can also use your feet to set hooks behind your training partner’s thighs to add additional pressure. From here Murilo moves back to embrace his opponent’s head. Now Murilo grabs inside his own gi sleeve to establish his grip. He connects his hand to his bicep across his opponent’s neck, and puts his elbow to the mat to tighten the choke.

As you can tell this is a very tight choke. You will want to go slow and work on getting your technique precise before adding speed. The Ezekiel is a great option for anyone would loves to play top mount. So be sure to give this one the next time you are training on the mats in a live roll, or during a competition. It is a great choke to submit your opponent with.


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