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The Fight To Win System - Footsweeps, Kimuras, and Twisters

The Fight To Win System - Footsweeps, Kimuras, and Twisters


Check Out The Fight To Win System From F2W CEO Seth Daniels!

Fight To Win CEO Seth Daniels is a Judo Black belt, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, and high school state wrestling champ. He has grappled his entire life, and his impact as an event promoter can’t be understated. As one of the most popular grappling promotions in the world today, Fight 2 Win Pro has secured its place in the world of combat sports.

This is your opportunity to learn from the perspective of a submission only professional...


Seth has given thousands of athletes around the United States an opportunity to show their skills in a highly prestigious event. Now that Fight 2 Win Pro has had over 100 events, Seth and his team are working on a new event called Subversiv.

If you want to be entertained and learn some really slick unorthodox techniques, you need to check out the Fight 2 Win System from Seth Daniels. Let us take a look at two of the key techniques Seth has included in his new instructional series, available exclusively right here on!

Cement Mixer and Reverse Cement Mixer

The cement mixer is an old wrestling technique. It allows you to stop your opponent when they take a shot. It also allows you to reverse them, and depending on their reaction, can open the door to a few great submissions. Check out the video below and then we will break down the technique.

By pressuring down on your training partner after a failed shot, you can keep their posture broking, forcing them to turtle. While they are in turtle position, wrap your arm under their neck and secure and under hook on their opposite side arm. This not only prevents your opponent from establishing grips, it allows you to roll them over. Notice that when you finish you end up in a very strong side control position with complete control over your opponent’s far side arm – perfect for attacking submissions.

Rick James Foot Sweep

This is a foot sweep Seth Daniels has used many times in competitive grappling. Many BJJ players do not happen to know very many take downs. This is a great foot sweep technique that can give you a great alternative to grip heavy techniques that are often more commonly taught. Check out the video below!

This is a very different way to take an opponent to the ground. Seth is very good at this sweep because he has mastered the timing. The timing is crucial when it comes to this take down. As you are grip fighting you are looking for an opportunity to pop up above your training partner’s head. This allows you use to control their head and hit the sweep. The foot work is also very important on this one. Daniels is mirroring his training partner’s lead leg. He steps in with his back foot first, bringing it to his front foot. Then his front foot comes to the ankle to reap the foot while he pushes his training partner’s head. Again, this really comes down to timing. You have to spot your opportunity to do this one quick.

If you liked these techniques then be sure to check out Seth Daniel’s Fight 2 Win System instructional now available exclusively on! It is a great system, comprised of many of the techniques you have seen used at F2W to submit top level competitors.

Seth Daniels is the founder and CEO of the iconic Fight To Win Promotions. The Fight To Win System is his trick to submitting so many people on the big stage

The system will allow you to dominate those young and athletic guys.

Learn one of the most effective and simple ways to attacks submissions




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