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3 Tips For Preventing Foot Locks In BJJ

3 Tips For Preventing Foot Locks In BJJ


3 Tips For Preventing Foot Locks

Leg lock submissions can be some of the most difficult submissions to deal with in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The foot in particular is made up of joints that are easy to attack, and provide your opponent with an opportunity to attempt many submissions in short series. Often times, you will see a BJJ player who is lesser experienced start to panic when their opponent goes to set up a foot lock. This is a bad place to be, but can be prevented using these 3 simple, yet effective tips.

Learn how to attack the foot lock game like some of the best jiu jitsu fighters in the world.


It is only a matter of time before you face an opponent who knows how to use these attacks effectively either during a live roll or in competition. Check out Kurt Osiander’s Foot Lock Defense in the video below!

#1: Remember to control your opponent using cross collar and sleeve grips

If you do not have control over your opponent, you are screwed. Something as simple as a sleeve grip will prevent your opponent from being able to crank on your foot. A collar grip will also help to main control over your training partner’s posture and doubles as a way to pull yourself up if he or she sits back. So remember, control at least one limb at all times, otherwise you expose yourself to an easy foot lock.

#2: With your grips secure, start working toward clearing your foot

Once you have your grips set you can start working towards clearing your foot. A cross collar grip makes it impossible for your opponent to hit the foot look so long as you maintain control over his upper body. Timing here is the key to success. You need to move immediately when your training partner goes to sit back. Use your free hand to grab the toes of your opponent’s foot on your hip. Pin the foot on the ground and use your hips to sit over his foot.

#3: Escape and hit an arm bar

It is time to pay your opponent back for all the stress and strife they just caused. Having maintained the collar grip and cleared the foot, you are in a position that prevents your opponent from hitting a successful foot lock and have opened up a submission opportunity of your own. Take your hand that was controlling your training partner’s collar and grab at his elbow. Now move your hips and get the shin of your leg to the back of his neck. Turn your body, roll your opponent over onto his back and finish him with a wicked tight arm bar!

Foot locks are not an easy thing to deal with. We have all tapped to them before. But guys like Kurt Osiander know it is not the end of the world if you get caught in a foot lock position. So just remember to breath and relax while you anticipate your opponent’s movements. The faster you react, the higher chance of success you will have!

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