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The Foot and the Wrist, Secret to Attacking the Giants

The Foot and the Wrist, Secret to Attacking the Giants


Do you ever find yourself struggling to beat bigger and stronger opponents?  Do think it is hard to get an arm bar or triangle on someone who is much stronger than you?  Can’t keep your grips for cross chokes or bow and arrow chokes in the absolute division?  Well there are a couple of submissions that work extremely well for larger and stronger opponents.

Whenever you are going against bigger and stronger people it is always wise to attack smaller joints like the foot and the wrist.  It is difficult for someone to defend their wrist or foot regardless of their size.  The wrist and foot are small parts of the body with a lot of bones, ligaments and tendons.  There is also not much muscle surrounding these areas.

Attacking the Foot on Bigger opponents

Attacking the foot can be an excellent way to tap out those opponents who are much bigger than you are.  The foot is an extremely vulnerable part of the body and it is hard for a strong guy to use his strength to escape a foot lock.  With an arm bar or kimura, they can muscle their way out of those submissions.  When you attack the foot it is very difficult to muscle their way out.

You might be thinking that a big guy can get grips or head control and stop you from extending your foot lock.  There are ways to set up foot locks so that your opponent does not have grips and he has to do technical escapes that do not work that often. The foot has so many ligaments, bones, and tendons that are very vulnerable.  Check out this video below showing a proper foot lock finish.

Attacking the Wrist on Bigger Opponents

Attacking the wrist can be one of the best ways to submit somebody who is bigger and stronger.  The wrist lock is one of the most underrated submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Many people do not study wrist locks and do not know when they are vulnerable to the wrist lock.  They also don’t know how to escape the wrist lock. 

The wrist lock can also allow you to have the element of surprise.  This is one of the best benefits.  It is very difficult for someone who is big and strong to defend the wrist lock with muscle.  It is a small part of their body and there is not much muscle around the wrist.  Some of the best in the world use wrist locks, Garry Tonon was infamously submitted by wrist lock and he is one of the most resilient competitors in the world.  Check out our article “Wrist Lock The Sneaky Submission.”  Also, check out this video below on a very effective wrist lock.

If you want to learn how to defeat larger and stronger opponent’s check out ADCC Champion, Claudio Calassan’s DVD Set “The Giant Killer.”  There are a lot of techniques on wrist locks and foot locks but that’s not it.  Claudio shows all of his secrets to defeating bigger guys.


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