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The Functional Benefits of Spats



Spats are something you see in almost every Jiu Jitsu school or MMA gym. They are primarily worn by grapplers. They can be worn by themselves, underneath fight shorts or under gi pants. Besides looking pretty cool, they serve actual functional purposes. That’s right. They are not just another piece of gear to get just to buy. They are important for any grappling training. Here are some of the fictional benefits of spats.

First of all, they keep your muscles warm. Everyone knows that it is unsafe to let your muscles get cold in training, because you can then pull or sprain a muscle and be out of action for awhile. The compression keeps those muscles ready to work, and keeps you safe and healthy. Besides that, spats also take sweat off of your body. When you are less sweaty you will then have more friction to achieve submissions that sweat can make harder to attain during movement.

Going back to the positive reason of keeping muscles warm, the compression will keep your muscles from becoming as sore without spats, and they also promote quicker muscle recovery. Those two aspects are incredibly important. They also promote skin health. There are many gross mat diseases out there. Ringworm, staph, and strains of herpes complex are all skin diseases that you can get when it comes to skin on skin contact. They will keep those diseases off your body and are easily cleaned and disinfected after a wash. The hygiene factor alone should be a reason to own a pair. And even still, spats will prevent mat burn and scratches to your legs, which is a nice thing.

As you can see, this gear is a must for any grappler. They keep you healthy in a variety of ways, and serve you in other ways that will benefit you. Whether you are a no gi submission wrestler or a strict gi competitor, a pair of spats will do you good. BJJ Fanatics has a good selection of spats that can work well for you. Check them out below.

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