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The Gogo Clinch Submission



The gogo clinch submission…a relatively new submission straight out of the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system. It is technique for a competitor that has some pretty decent flexibility who has a love of gogoplatas and omoplatas can do. While there is no instructional out on the gogo clinch submission, there are a few videos of people using it to win in no gi grappling tournaments. It is also something that I have personally played with and submitted people successfully with in the gym. So, enjoy this minor break down of the gogo clinch…

The Gogo Clinch Submission

To start the set up for the gogo clinch, you first need to get in a position where you can hit a gogoplata or a omoplata. This can be done from rubber guard or closed guard, both will work. You throw your left leg over your opponent’s left shoulder, just as you were going for any other plata technique. But once the leg is over, you can start going for the gogo clinch. You take your right arm and go under your own left leg around to his neck. After that, bring your left arm over the top of his neck and get a strong gable grip. Your right radial bone (wrist bone) should be digging right into the artery of your opponent.

As you pull the gable grip into your opponent’s neck, you can do one of two things. You can triangle your legs together and finish from that side position. Or if you want, you can do what the competitor did in the video, which is roll him onto his back and squeeze the grip in. The finish can come from there as well. This seems to be an excellent submission option for anyone that likes to play a high guard, or enjoys plata submissions.

While it may not be the first submission to go for, it can fit into your game. It works awesome for those who get their gogoplata defended when their opponent’s put their head down, or for when an opponent tries to posture up out of an omoplata. Eddie Bravo has a truly unique system that has benefited Jiu Jitsu champions and MMA fighters alike. If you want to add some of Eddie’s system to your own game, then go ahead and check out…

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