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The Hidden Collar BJJ Guillotine by Vinicius Draculino

The Hidden Collar BJJ Guillotine by Vinicius Draculino


One of the best ways to progress quickly in Jiu Jitsu is to be open minded and explore techniques from as many high level athletes and instructors as you can. You will certainly find things that contradict one another as you dive into the details of the techniques.  The reality is there are parts of some techniques where there is room for preference and seeing a few variations of this will certainly help you to decide how you want to execute the technique and how you will include it into your game.  

As the sport continues to evolve we are forced to try to keep up with the times and learn the latest and greatest leg locks and whatever else hits the big stage.  I would argue that it is equally important to remember where we came from, meaning let’s not forget about the old school Jiu Jitsu that many came up learning and knowing as their only game.  There is still an immense amount of value in these old techniques. Let’s dust off the old school game a bit and see how we might be able to polish it up as we look at “The Hidden Collar BJJ Guillotine by Vinicius Draculino”.


Starting out Bernardo is in turtle grabbing Vincius’s legs as if he were shooting a double leg.  Vincius points out the danger of allowing the opponent’ to do this without addressing their hip in some way.  He recommends grabbing the belt or the Gi pants in this position. As you will see in the video clip, simply having the grip does not prevent the opponent from still driving in, unless of course you lock out your arm by turning into the grip and sprawling a bit straightening your arm and in turn locking it all the way up to your shoulder allowing you to use your bone structure as your strength to keep the opponent at bay. 

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Next you will want to reach around the opponent’s head with your right arm to the far collar getting a 4 finger in grip on the lapel, while still maintaining your grip on the belt.  This in itself is not a secure enough grip to finish most skilled opponent’s as it is not difficult to start to escape. As the opponent starts to bring their head to the other side we abandon our grip on the belt and bring that hand under the opponent’s arm and grab the far side lapel with the same four fingers in grip. 

At this point you should have one over hook and one under hook on the opponent both gripping the lapels with four finger in grips.  He notes that the grips should be as close together as possible ideally your hands should be in a line as if you were holding a Samurai sword.  

From here we want to start to finish the submission.   In order to do this we look to close our elbow and force the opponent’s head to the other side.  This should be easy to accomplish because it is normal to think that this is where they want to go to avoid the choke.  To finish from here we are simply getting on our toes and connecting our left rib cage to the left side of the opponent’s face and dropping our hips to finish the choke. 

As you can see the choke comes on fast, and while it may be considered “old school” it fits the mold of the sneaky unexpected attack that we are all looking for to surprise our opponent in this day and age.  As you can see, it doesn’t take long to learn a litte something new each day that you can add to your game. As long as you have quality resources of information you can study techniques on your lunch break at work, or any time you have just a few minutes.  

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Remember the slow is smooth and smooth is fast, don’t rush it.  The goal is to learn the technique with all of the little seemingly insignificant (we all know they matter; it just may not seem like it at the time) details so that we can begin executing it in live training properly.  The only question now is where will you start? Which video instructional will be your first pick?

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