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The Homer Simpson Sweep From Deep Half Guard With Jeff Glover

The Homer Simpson Sweep From Deep Half Guard With Jeff Glover


Check Out The Homer Simpson Sweep From Jeff Glover

Jeff Glover aka “The Pipelayer” is an American submission wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt known for his competitive achievements in both gi and no gi competition. Glover has competed in numerous exhibition matches, including the inaugural Word Jiu Jitsu Expo where he won over 7 time World black belt champion Caio Terra. In the BJJ world, Jeff is a one of a kind personality who has become known for his deep half guard.

The Deep Half Guard is almost like a secret guard sweeping weapon. Once you know the details of getting into the deep half guard, it's almost impossible to not use it to put everyone on their ass.


Check out the video below of Jeff Glover demonstrating The Homer Simpson Sweep and then we will break down the technique.

The technique starts off with Jeff Glover in deep half guard. The first thing he does is look to find the knee cap of his opponent. From here he wants to bring the legs of his opponent’s together. To do this Glover grabs at the knee cap of his training partner and walks his legs, pinching his own face between his partner’s thighs. Now Glover knows that his opponent’s leg are together and he can take his back. To do this he pulls his training partner’s knee cap out, rolls over, and when his opponent falls down he comes on top ready to starting looking for a pass.

This is a simple sweep but when broken down into the fundamentals you can see that there are a lot of details to this technique. Glover his known for his mastery of deep half guard, so you know this method has been tested against some of the world’s best BJJ players. Keep this one the next time you are drilling deep half, or find yourself there in a live roll.

Half guard entrances and escapes! Sweeps and passes! No stone goes unturned with this incredible collection that transforms the half guard position in a veritable jiu-jitsu buffet.

Over the course of 6 volumes on 2 DVDs, Jeff takes you inside his half guard game; offering an all access pass to the techniques that have made him one of the top lightweight players in the world today.



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