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5 Black Belt World Championships is no easy feat, this will put you in the hall of fame and establish you as one of the most legendary competitors in the world.  Bernardo Faria is one of the most famous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners around today and he has won the World Championships 5 times as a black belt.  How can someone accomplish so much?  What segregates Bernardo from the rest of us mere mortals?  There are many factors that differentiate a Black Belt World Champion from the rest of us.  They have an undeniable will to thrive and win, they...

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So you want to play half guard? Well you better find a good way of dealing with the Whizzer.  Half guard is one of the most popular guards in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and any form of submission grappling.  This is because it is effective in all forms of combat including self-defense.  The half guard is a staple in history for BJJ.  This is one of the first guards that many bjj practitioners will learn and one of the last that they will use.  So why half guard?  Half guard has many excellent options for sweeping your opponent, controlling your...

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The half guard position has been going through a renaissance lately primarily through the popularity and prevalence of half guard being used by world class practitioners like Bernardo Faria and Tom DeBlass amongst others.  A solid bottom half guard can make a smaller player strong and a big player stronger with the utilization of arm frames, the knee shield and proper body angling on one's side. But what if someone caught in my bottom half guard, back steps out, sitting back and attempting to control my upper body or head while looking down towards my feet?  How much trouble am...

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When you are a wrestler and you start training BJJ it can be very frustrating.  This is because you have been a grappler for such a long time and now you are learning a completely different approach for grappling.  Some people will just quit and other will stick with it and learn how to implement their wrestling in bjj. Wrestling is very difficult to implement in your BJJ but there are specific ways to allow you to use your wrestling.  Check out our article “Wrestling for Half Guard.”  In this article we go over how to properly apply wrestling from...

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If you are a jiu jitsu practitioner and have been for some time, you may have a sense of what a long and arduous road it is to achieve the black belt.  Sadly, the vast majority of people who take their first BJJ class, probably won't make it to the coveted black belt level for a wide variety of reasons, some good and maybe some not so good.  In addition, the journey is so long that sometimes elements of life can take us to different parts of the world.  Therefore, in many cases, to be able to stay within the...

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