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Tom DeBlass Reveals More Half Guard Gold with Half Domination 2.0

Tom DeBlass Reveals More Half Guard Gold with Half Domination 2.0



When Tom DeBlass released his first instructional, Half Domination, the BJJ masses were treated to an inside look at one of the most revered half guard games in the history of the sport. DeBlass has never given up a guard pass to side control in nearly two decades of competition. <<<Read that again. This is largely due to his incredible ability to navigate the half guard exchange with intelligence and awareness that could have only been cultivated through years of experimentation, live training, and high level competition. DeBlass brings a simple, high percentage approach to the table that will serve any BJJ player, regardless of rank or time served in BJJ. He trims the fat and leaves us with only the most critical details and no wasted movement, making his instruction sought after and loved by many. 

With Half Domination 2.0, we’re now getting DeBlass’s legendary half guard game in the gi. This is an exciting prospect. DeBlass will now add the gi into the mix, demonstrating how his half guard game is applied using proper grips and the utilities of the gi that aren't present in a no gi setting. This changes the game in many ways, but DeBlass’s raw and most relied upon techniques, backed with stellar instruction are still present in this newest release. You’ll be guided through exciting reversals, explore submission opportunities, transition to dominant positions and even delve into some of DeBlass’s favorite ways to pass the half guard. DeBlass gets dynamic with his use of grips, securing the lapels, the pants, and the belt, etc to get the job done and demonstrate how the gi can be used to impose your game.

The half guard itself has become a preferred hub for thousands of BJJ players all over the world. It comes with such an incredible network of options, that it’s almost a crime not to get familiar with the position. The half guard also lends itself to absolutely anyone at any level. If you can learn to create solid structure and understand the importance of framing, you can tame even the most ferocious guard passers, expending little energy in the process. These reasons, among others, make the half guard very appealing and may be why it's such a popular homebase for many students of the game. If you haven’t experimented much with the position, this is a great opportunity to do so. You'll love DeBlass’s clear and concise approach and you'll find it quite simple to begin implementing the things you've learned in his instruction rather quickly in your own training endeavors. 

Take a look at this piece of instruction from the new series. Here, DeBlass talks a bit about the cross collar grip, addresses removing the knee shield and even throws in a choke. Take a look at this! 


With the half guard already established, DeBlass gives us some guidance on where to place that cross collar grip. This grip is one of the most useful connection potins in all of BJJ and it works great in conjunction with the half guard and the knee shield. He advises us to secure the lapel high on the collar and as he begins to bring the top player forward he’s cautious that his elbow doesn't rise up, but travels closer to his body, while staying in line with the guard passer’s shoulder.

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This creates an uncomfortable frame that makes it difficult for his partner to advance. With the first hand already set in the collar, DeBlass secures the opposite lapel with his free hand. He grabs low on the lapel, not concerned with getting a deep grip. As DeBlass explains, this choke is meant to keep the top player honest. As DeBlass removes his knee shield, he brings his partner forward using his hips and grips and commands the quick tap.

Commonly the guard passer will react here by pulling away. DeBlass addresses this by alerting us to an opportunity to off-balance the top player. As his partner begins to pull back to avoid the choke, that same initial grip in the collar can be used to push them in the direction they wish to go, creating a moment of off-balance that we can take advantage of.

As DeBlass states, nothing works 100% of the time but the idea is to set up so many tactics that your opponent can't help but to fall into some offense at some point during the exchange. 

Half Guard Domination 2.0 by Tom DeBlass
The tip of the iceberg would be a massive understatement here. This instruction is filled to the brim with concepts and techniques that will serve you for years to come in all aspects of your training. With Half Domination 2.0, DeBlass has assembled a truly incredible collection of ideas that you’ll have no trouble recruiting into your own game right away! Enjoy!



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