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The Most Stunning Technique in Grappling with Masakazu Imanari

The Most Stunning Technique in Grappling with Masakazu Imanari



You've likely heard the term, “Imanari Roll”. If you haven't, do a quick search and you'll quickly discover one of the most infamous techniques in the history of combat sports. This beautiful calculated method of entering into the legs is one of the most impressive techniques you'll ever see. When pulled off perfectly, it's a true moment of grappling artistry. Often the roll is used to enter into an inside sankaku configuration but it can be used as a route to create many different opportunities. 

Combat sports legend, Masakazu Imanari is the man responsible for bringing the Imanari roll to the forefront of combat. Imanari is an expert when it comes to attacking the lower half and he boasts an incredibly impressive MMA record that's absolutely riddled with leg lock victories. For two decades Imanari has been evolving and using the technique and thousands of fellow grapplers have followed suit, developing their own methods of using the technique and implementing it. The highlight reels are endless and a joy to watch if you have a moment. You can also check the course Leg Locks From The East by Kamil Wilk

While the Imanari roll is certainly a highlight technique in Imanari’s personal arsenal, he also has one of the most intelligent and complete leg lock games in grappling. When it comes to leg locks, Imanari is truly a pioneer and has made enormous contributions to the leg attack game. In his new institutional The Imanari Roll & Modern Leg Attacks from Japan , we’re getting a detailed look at one of the most leg lock games in the history of grappling. 

Not only does Imanari divulge important details about the famous rol but he also provides instruction on just about every other leg lock option you could possibly imagine. Heel hooks, straight ankle locks, knee bars.. It's all here, backed with decades of study and unmatched experience. This is an essential series for any aspiring leg locker. 

The leg lock is not going anywhere. Forged in the fires of modern day competition at the highest levels, the leg lock game has been proven effective and you could even say it may have changed the face of BJJ competition forever. With its rise in popularity, it caused anyone who hopes to be successful in competition to at the very least gain an understanding of the [positions and the attacks associated with them, so that they don't succumb to its treachery. Leg locks have become the great equalizer and those that choose to recruit them into their toolboxes have created a more dynamic and well rounded ability to attack all aspects of the body.

So, back to this Imanari roll. Let’s take a look at this stunning technique with the man himself at the helm. In this video, Imanari will demonstrate the roll so that you can see it for the first time, or view it directly from the source. Take a look at this!


There's a lot at work here but these movements all go together to create a very nice sequence. From a regular stance, Imanari takes a cross step, almost as if he's going to show his back to his partner. He then begins to lower his level, connecting his hip to the mat and then reaching to anchor himself on the inside of his partner's leg. Once he’s made connection with his hand, he begins to elevate his hips and threads his right leg in between his partners legs, hooking the thigh with his heel to facilitate the rest of the movement. He then continues, turning the corner and entering his opposite leg from the back, off balancing his partner and sitting him down to compete with technique.

As you can see, Imanari is well-versed and the technique is seamless. This kind of movement can be achieved with lots of practice and though this may look like something that's out of your wheelhouse, with the right instruction, anyone can learn this beautiful collection of movements.

This is only one of Imanari’s great contributions to the leg lock game and in the new series, you'll find loads of leg lock instruction on the most important lower body attacking sequences in the BJJ, complete with entries and even some defensive procedures to keep you safe! This is a great opportunity to learn from a true legend of combat sports and add new layers to your arsenal. 

The Imanari Roll And Modern Leg Attacks From Japan by Masakazu Imanari
If you are looking for versatile attacks taught by one of the great innovators of the sport, check out The Imanari Roll & Modern Leg Attacks from Japan TODAY!



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