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The Importance of Understanding Submission Mechanics

The Importance of Understanding Submission Mechanics


Small Details Of Biomechanics Will Make Your Submissions More Sucessful!

The ultimate goal of a Jiu Jitsu match is a victory by submission. It would be a severe disservice to the art and ourselves if we do not understand these submissions at a much more intricate and detailed level. Understanding the biomechanics of various joint locks, hyperextensions, and even strangles can improve the way we roll and the way we think about Jiu Jitsu drastically.

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If you don’t think submission biomechanics are a necessary element of Jiu Jitsu to understand, you may not be appreciative of why people like Professor John Danaher have become world-renowned instructors sought by thousands around the world due to the success of his students. People like Danaher examine submissions much more intricately than most and experiment with different details to see which produce the greatest effectiveness.

Let’s take a look at one of the simplest submissions in grappling, the Americana. Although this submission is not attacked often, it can be used to provide great insight into submission mechanics. If you have ever tried attacking this shoulder lock, you may have noticed your opponent defend by slide their elbow above the shoulder line.

This small movement gives the shoulder a lot of slack and therefore becomes extremely difficult to finish. If you understood this before attacking the submission, though, and moved the elbow in the opposite direction, the submission would have worked.

There are numerous details like this in every single submission in Jiu Jitsu. By understanding as much of them as we can, we can become better at setting up submissions but more importantly better at tightening them up.

The same philosophy can be applied for submission defense. If you have ever seen a high-level grappler being attacked by toe hold, you will notice that they straighten the leg being attacked. The simple defense limits the attacker’s ability to create the appropriate leverage needed to break the foot.

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This means that if you understand the small details regarding submission mechanics, you can apply them to your game while your roll or compete in live action. When one starts to focus more on the details of submissions like the ones mentioned, their submission game and defense will transition from one of mindless attacking leading to easy to defense to a game that is tight and hard to stop.

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