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Check Out Kit Dale's Shuffle Guard Pass

Check Out Kit Dale's Shuffle Guard Pass


Learn Kit Dale’s Shuffle Pass

Kit Dale is an Australian jiu Jitsu black belt, based in West Hollywood. He is both a competitor and teacher. Kit’s primary goal is to spread a more efficient way of learning jiu Jitsu and prove the benefits of having a deep conceptual understanding. He has experience competition on some of the world’s biggest stages, like Metamoris and Fight to Win Pro. Kit has a very diverse game based on a very methodical and technical approach to grappling. Kit is not only just a great teacher. His videos are fun and engaging, making him a great person to learn from.

Bernardo Faria is known for a lot of things - including smashing through people's guard with no respect at all.


Today we are going to take a look at one of Kit Dale’s most effective passes: the shuffle pass. Kit has used this to great success in some of the highest levels of competition. The technique we look at specifically today is for open guard; however it will work on a number of different guards. Watch the video below and then we will break down Kit’s technique. Check it out now!

Kit starts off this demonstration from De La Riva guard (an open guard). De La Riva is probably one of the most common guards used in Jiu Jitsu today. When you look at all the players in all of the competitions at least 70 percent of them are utilizing a De la Riva guard. The first thing Kit Dale recommends is getting comfortable in a standing position to pass his guard. It is fairly common for the guy on bottom to have a collar grip to attempt to break down your posture, while his left harm hooks the back of your Achilles tendon. What Dale does in this situation is drive forward with his knee so he can loosen up some space with his right foot by pushing on his opponent. If you leave your foot next to your opponent’s butt the next part will be impossible. Next, you want to get a good grip with your right arm at your opponent’s ribs, using your elbow to lock his shin so he can’t lasso you. From here you can push your leg between his, push down on his knee and step wide, driving into his side, landing in a side control position that allows you to attack the back if your opponent rolls.

It is important to first clear your opponent’s grip at the Achilles tendon so you can do the shuffle step properly. By creating space it will break his grip allowing you to shuffle through his guard. By controlling his side at his ribs with your elbow tucked in it locks his leg allowing you to free yourself from the hook. From there you can sit over the top of his leg to pass his knee. Pay attention to all the foot work that is going on here that is very important to establish the pressure you need to control your opponent with. This is pretty awesome stuff from Kit Dale!

Bernardo Faria is the master of the over under passing system. I mean... come on, he's a 5x Black Belt World Champion and master of the pressure pass. In fact he actually shares with you his system for smashing with the over under grip and his pressure passing system that requires athleticism, strength, or energy. You easily and confidently destroy every guard with simple guard passing concepts and pressure, its all about the pressure baby!!



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