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The Judo Academy By Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens

The Judo Academy By Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens


Being able to control where the fight takes place is one of the most essential skills in martial arts. Judo is one of the most dominant martial arts on the planet when it comes to securing takedowns, especially with the gi. That, said if you are a lonely Jiu-Jitsu practitioner trying to learn some judo takedowns for your grappling game it can be a little tricky without the right coach, or coaches.

Enter Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens

Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens are the most decorated Americans to ever compete in Judo. In The Judo Academy they aim to fix your stand up and give you options to be successful off of your feet. Instead of one off techniques that leave you stranded if they don’t land, Jimmy and Travis provide the critical details needed to pull off high level throws.

Pedro is a two time bronze medalist at the Olympics, and was the 1999 World Champion for his weight class. Pedro was also the coach of Travis Stevens and Kayla Harrison! Jimmy Pedro runs Pedro’s Judo Center in Massachusetts and continues to empower his students through martial arts.

Travis Stevens is a two time silver medalists in the Olympics. Travis is also an avid practitioner of Jiu-Jitsu. He is also a black belt under the tutelage of John Danaher. Stevens is a relentless competitors, and has competed in both Judo and BJJ at the highest levels.

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For Americans to medal at the Olympics in Judo is kinda like the Jamaican bobsled team. In other countries like Japan Judo is top of list in importance. The U.S.A. places emphasis on pretty much every other sport. Athletes like Jimmy Pedro paved the way for how it should be done. He imparted his knowledge and experience to his pupils. That torch has been passed to Travis Stevens who is now the head coach of the U.S.A.’s Judo team. Check out the trailer for The Judo Academy!!

The Judo Academy looks to provide the Judo Academy right in your home. As we’ve previously covered Judo isn’t the most prevelant sport so getting reliable instruction can be quite the endeavor. NO MORE! The Judo Academy by Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens will provide the instruction you need to succeed with your takedowns.

In the instructional you aren’t just force fed technique after technique. Comprehensive breakdowns by two of the very best in Judo will show you the tactics they have used to dominate the American Judo landscape. Three main aspects are covered within the instructional gripping, ground techniques (Ne Waza), and standing techniques (Tachi Waza).

First covered in the series is how to grip. Judo players have a masterful grasp on how to grab and control your opponents gi. By getting grips first you can control the tempo of the action. This applies to standing positions and ground positions as well. Most importantly is how to win the grip exchange. This can put the battle into your hands, literally.

Ne Waza tactics in Judo are BRUTAL. If you’ve ever witnessed a Judo match get finished on the ground it can be cringe inducing. When they slap on an arm lock or a clock choke IT’S ON. These aggressive finish strategies are a specialty of Travis Stevens.

No good Judo instructional would leave you without some juicy throws. The Judo Academy surely doesn’t disappoint. Pedro and Stevens cover throws from all angles. They cover different grip strategies for throws as well as different foot placement.

If you’ve felt like you could only pull guard because of your lack of stand up skills, The Judo Academy by Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens is EXACTLY what you need. Gripping strategies, ne waza, and tachi waza are all covered here COMPREHENSIVELY! No longer do you have to wing out a random technique you saw on Instagram. Now you will have a game plan!



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