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The Knee Tap Takedown



The knee tap takedown is one of the easiest takedowns for people that don’t consider themselves proficient with takedowns. It does not take much to succeed with this takedown, and it can lead you to some good spots to work your ground game. The knee tap was a popular takedown with former UFC welterweight champion, Georges St Pierre. There are different ways to execute the knee tap, but let’s take a look at two of the most fundamental ways to do it.

Knee tap from a collar tie

My preferred way of hitting the knee tap is from the collar and elbow tie, especially when it comes to no gi. You need to tie up your opponent with the control, using your arm on his neck to create pressure. Pressure down, and slightly forward is what you are aiming for. Once you get your opponent to put weight on his front leg, all you need to do is use your hand that was controlling his arm to tap the knee and drive forward. You’ll get your opponent down, and go right into mount, or pass to side control.

Knee tap from over/under

One of the most common standing grappling spots to get into in the over/under position. Meaning both you and your opponent have one overhook and one underhook. Your underhook will be doing the majority of the work on the version of the knee tap. You use your underhook in a motion to lift your opponent up to the overhook side. Once you get your opponent up, tap his knee and drive him diagonally. You’ll get him down and get to side control to begin the ground phase.

This is one takedown that you need to implement into your training. While there are powerful double legs and uchi matas that you can go for, don’t ignore the easy and fundamental knee tap. It will get your opponents down to where they need to be and give you the positional advantage on the ground. Takedowns need to be part of any Jiu Jitsu fighter’s game. Don’t neglect that part of the grappling game. Check out The Takedown Blue Print by Travis Stevens…a three DVD set for only $67.

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