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The Legendary Fabio Gurgel Shares Critical Mount Concepts

The Legendary Fabio Gurgel Shares Critical Mount Concepts


When we have a chance to learn from legends, our ears perk up. OG BJJ practitioners have a way of taking seemingly simple themes and explaining them in a manner that can make you feel like you’ve been lost in the dark for years. Decades of experience leads to very insightful methods of teaching, and these pioneers see through a different lens than most players. In this video Fabio Gurgel shows Stephan Kesting a simple armlock from the top mount position. But the best part about the video are the details surrounding the submission. Look, listen, and enjoy!

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When you take the mount, do you immediately sit up and start thinking about your options? Many times, when we mount, we’ve first achieved the under hook. This is good, because when we secure the position we have our partners arms separated from each other. This is good right? Then why give it up? The moment we allow them to connect their hands and tighten up their elbows, our job just became a lot more difficult. As Gurgel explains we’ve secured a great position to begin working from immediately. Don’t give up everything you’ve worked so hard for by sitting up.

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Once Gurgel arrives in the mount, he needs to move forward. He blocks the head with his forearm so he can do so without his opponent following him. He then places a fulcrum under his opponents elbow and gets a deep grab in his collar. His knee must now takeover the job of his forearm in stopping any forward mobility from his partner. Gurgel follows up by placing his head to the floor, connecting his free hand to his forearm and applying pressure to get the tap.

My favorite part of this video is the concept about not sitting up when we’ve secured the mount, and the continuous road block we have to provide concerning our partners head if we wish to move forward. Great details from the legendary Fabio Gurgel!

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