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The Most Dangerous Takedown in the Game

The Most Dangerous Takedown in the Game


Originally banned in most tournament rule sets, the scissor takedown (kani basami in judo) is starting to reappear in competition again.

The technique legal in ADCC, Grappling Industries, and many other newer tournament organizations, particularly in no gi divisions. It’s also worth learning as an entry to into powerful leg entanglement, for the leglock enthusiasts.

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Vladislav “Vlad” Koulikov is a triple threat. He started training sambo in Russia, earning the rank of Master of Sport there (sambo ranks are award through winning competitions, with Master of Sport award for winning a national championship), before going on to get his black belts in judo and jiu jitsu. This has led him to be well versed in all parts of the games, particularly takedowns and foot locks. 

The Throw 

Vlad is demonstrating this as a counter to a single leg. The scissor takedown is very easy to do in this case because the opponent has already put one leg where it needs to be, right between their own legs. The first step is to cut an angle, hopping back until the thrower is parallel. This makes the entry easier and safer. Vlad’s left hand grabs his training partner’s far lat muscle, the same place where one would grab for during a back take or Russian tie variant. 

His goal is to get the thigh of his free leg behind his opponent’s leg. Vlad plants his free hand on the mat and shoots his leg in deep behind closer leg, well pulling the opponent over him with the lat grip. The end result is very similar to a sacrifice throw like sumi-gaeshi.

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Note: the scissor takedown was banned in competitive judo and jiu-jitsu because competitors were getting their knees and ankles injured. Either the angle was off, or people would fly straight into the side of the knee, collapsing it. To prevent these, make sure that your angle is correct before entering. As for the other mistake, Vlad’s planting the hand on the mat actually makes this safer. The hand allows for the thrower make adjustments to their position, rather than jumping straight in and hoping for the best. Make sure to practice this safely and thoroughly before attempting. 

The Foot Lock

Once he lands, Vlad grabs his training partner’s far leg with an overhook grip at the ankle. He pulls it across and wraps it up in ankle lock grip. The leg that the opponent scooped up for the single leg is now in a controlling position, over one leg and foot curled under the far leg (yes it is a reaping position). His free leg comes up under and around both of the opponent’s legs, with his heel resting in the hip pocket. With his knees pinched together, both legs are effectively trapped. 

Because Vlad did this off of a single leg, his training partner’s hands are also trapping in the leg entanglement, leaving him free to finish the ankle lock without interference. 

This is an excellent combo for tournament formats that allow the scissor takedown. Just make sure to practice safely on your friends first. 

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