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The Most Important Half Guard Sweep Concept with Lachlan Giles

The Most Important Half Guard Sweep Concept with Lachlan Giles


The Most Important Half Guard Sweep You'll Ever Learn

Half guard is one of the most important, yet fairly unique as far as guards go, because your opponent will always like that have the ability to pass and/or submit from top half. They feel like they can attack where they may not in other guards where both feet are in control. One way of looking at it is that sometimes you have half guard, and other times you're half passed.

Lachlan Giles is an ADCC Veteran, Pan Pacific Champion, and the grappling coach to one of the fastest rising starts, Craig Jones.

Lachlan's half guard game is sick. His understanding of all the half guard position is evident with his simple, yet slap in your face tips that completely change your half guard came.

One the his favorite... and Craig Jones places to fight from is the Z Guard. It's a variation of half guard where one leg is trapping your opponent and one leg is free to control and manipulate your opponent.

Lachlan is a master of not only sweeping from the half guard, but also submitting from the half guard as well.

What's cool about Lachlan is that he not only knows how to attack from half guard really well, but he also knows how to deal with the bad positions of half guard that many jiu jitsu fighters get caught in daily.

Instead of giving away the half guard pass, and possibly the match, there are answers that bring you back into an attacking half guard game. Especially cool is his use of the switch base, a pretty common position for half guard, that he uses in some innovative ways to get on top, or even take the back.


In this Half Guard Instructional Video with Lachlan Giles you'll learn the power of the under hook and how to effectively sweep and attack your opponent with the under hook.

If you fight from half guard, this one with will absolutely change how you approach the jiu jitsu half guard battle.


Here are some important tips to remember when learning how to use the unde rhook for half guard sweeps.

Z-Guard Setup

There is always one leg trapping, one leg controlling in half guard.

Keep your hips far away from your opponent, and always make sure you are on your side, or on a hip.

Don't let your bottom knee get trapped. This opens up guard passes. Keep the knee free and mobile.

Protect far side from cross faces, or them trying to get your head. There is a lot of pummeling happening in here.

The most important thing is half guard is the under hook. Lachan shows you how to set it and attack with it.

A big mistake in this half guard sweep series is not getting around the corner quick enough. If you don't get around the corner fast, it will be easy for his to pummel back for his under hook and smash you to the ground. Scoot around to get your chest down

You always need to make sure you're in a position where it's hard for your opponent to get the under hook back.

Most people make the mistake in this basic half guard sweep by getting up to quickly and not getting the foot out

when finishing the under hook sweep, Lachlan uses his legs to wave his opponent's knees away. He combines this with a wrestlers bridge to off balance his opponent and get into the position sometimes called Dog Fight by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu.

When getting to the dog fight position, ensure you post with the far leg to ensure you don't get re-swept with the uchi mata over hook sweep / takedown.

The under hook half guard sweep can also be chained to sweep your opponent the other way, especially when they are driving into you hard. The leg drag and trap Lachlan uses in the half guard is one of the key details to the under hook half guard sweep.

Learn more half guard sweeps and submissions with and without the under hook with Lachlan Giles is his bad ass half guard DVD / On Demand series called the Half Guard Anthology




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