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The Old Bait And Switch With Jeff Glover

The Old Bait And Switch With Jeff Glover



The D’arce, anaconda choke, and arm in guillotine are all birds of a feather. These chokes are able to be put together seamlessly to create an incredibly powerful onslaught on the neck. If you’re pursuing one, there’s certainly the others hiding in the shadows. If you can understand the transitions between these dangerous brothers and sister of strangulation, you can be one of the most feared bodies on the training flor. Learning the proper methods of each one of these chokes and their unique applications can take a bit of time, as it can get confusing when trying to discern between them, but make no mistake, it’s worth it.

Another thing these techniques have in common is that they’ve been highly utilized heavily by the great Jeff Glover. He’s made them an incredibly effective part of his tool box and has been putting them to work for years. Glover has squared off against some of the great BJJ players of our time and employed these types of neck attacks with a great deal of success, earning some high honors in the BJJ community. Glover is a no gi World Champion, among a collection of other accolades, and he continues to be a relevant innovator in the BJJ world. Glover is one of the most interesting and unpredictable competitors BJJ has ever seen, and has an absolute delight to watch when he’s competing. 

There are proactive and reactive ways to get yourself in to position to secure a choke of this type. Glover is a master of deception and uses this as a way to guide his opponents in to the fire so to speak. Using a bait to lure an unsuspecting guard passer in to a very bad situation is the subject of this video. Here, Glover shows us how we can turn a tasty looking passing scenario in to a dead to rights trap and attack the neck in a variety of ways. This is amazing, take a look! 



Here, in this first example, Glover literally turns his guard away from his partner, offering up the side of his body. Not only does he do this, he also lifts his arm above his head, exposing his ribcage area and inviting his partner to move forward. Essentially, Glover has removed all of his defenses from his partners path and made it irresistible to pursue a dominant position. The next sequence of events will depend greatly on which side the guard passer chooses to put his head on as he begins to advance. 

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In the first scenario, Glover’s partner puts his head to the inside as he begins to approach. Glover then throws in a whizzer and makes a quick movement, transitioning his back to the floor. Here he ratchets his arm as deep as is necessary to lock a D’arce choke. Here, he can begin to squeeze and bring the submission to life. There’s very little movement involved and perhaps the only thing to be cognizant of is an element of timing, so that we don’t end up underneath the passer with nothing secured. 

Glover reiterates here that he must throw his body to mat, in order to create the space necessary to perform the technique and also take advantage of the element of surprise. If the forearm is wedged under Glovers body. He simply walks over it, removing it from the underside and then moves back in to position to finish the submission. 

In the second variation, Glover’s partner chooses to place his head on the outside of Glover’s body. As this occurs, Glover captures the head in a guillotine style wrap and quickly flips his hips back toward his partner at just the right moment to begin pursing the neck. In this case, his partner’s arm is wrapping his waist. This will make this particular attack an arm in style guillotine. As Glover enters the second hand and creates a connection for the guillotine, he also configures his legs. His bottom knee comes across the belly, stopping any defensive measures, and his top leg comes over the back, keeping his partner firmly in place. He can now apply the submission and command the tap. We get more details on the finish in the full instructional, but you can’t deny, this set up is money. What’s not to like from a passing perspective? Glover has put together a hook, line, and sinker set up here. 

This same bait could also be used with a more traditional guillotine if your partner is being a little more conservative with their elbows. Acquiring the neck only here would surely be a surprise and probably produce a very quick tap. 

When we think of setting a trap in any scenario, there has to be an element of vulnerability that makes moving forward an enticing prospect for our opponents. Glover does this here, and he does it very well. Who wouldn’t take the bait here? Its inviting and it seems as though you’re on the right track. Until… you’re not. This is the essence of great jiu-jitsu.

Many students of BJJ have trouble discerning between all of the different neck attacks. It makes sense. In many cases there’s just very small caveats that make the chokes different from one another. An arm entering at the armpit or the neck. An arm in or an arm out. Maybe a different configuration of the legs. There are some variables that can add to confusion. Glovers instructional will help to rid you of some of this muddle and allow you to attack each one of these different submissions using its own unique set of characteristic attributes. 

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