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The Pillars Escapes By Stephen Whittier

The Pillars Escapes By Stephen Whittier



Being able to escape a bad position is a critical element of success in Jiu-Jitsu. Turning the tables on your opponent after being down on points can turn the momentum in your favor. Stephen Whittier is a third degree black belt, and has developed The Pillars Escapes. These escapes have been tested and approved, and will help you get out of the worst positions against bigger, stronger opponents!

In a perfect world we’d never have to rely on escapes because we would be so efficient with our attacking that escapes wouldn’t be needed. Sadly this isn’t the reality of Jiu-Jitsu. The truth is you are going to have your guard passed, you will be mounted, and your back will be taken. BUT not to worry Stephen Whittier has you covered with The Pillars Escapes! Check out the technique below!

Escaping the back must be practiced at every level. Academies across the globe are continuously drilling to take and attack the back. It is one of the pinnacle positions in Jiu-Jitsu for a multitude of reasons. If you pay close attention to the technique video you will capture a couple of key details that Stephen provides that makes these techniques work regardless of opponent.

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Rotation is an early focus in the process of escaping the back control. The ability to rotate within you opponent’s arms can eventually assist us with getting our back to the floor. This rotation will also provide necessary body structures to achieve some of the smaller details. Getting your back to the floor will all but ensure your escape from the back control.

Next Stephen demonstrates some of the finer tips on how to hand fight and maintain good head position to avoid the choke and set up the escape. As you can tell from the breakdown, Stephen doesn’t simply give you a technique and move on to a new one. He dives into the strategy at hand, and gives you an in-depth look at the overall game that is being played.

Stephen’s insight into teaching will immensely help your overall defense. If you cannot be submitted you will soon find your way to some offense. Often times we think in terms of time limits and points. If you take those away how Jiu-Jitsu is performed can change drastically. Stephen Whittier combines the old-school mentality of survival at all costs and mixes in some top-notch modern escapes to his game.

The Pillars Escapes provides essential escaping tips for every level. If you are a beginner or smaller than your opponents being able to escape from the worst positions will be a staple of your game after watching this instructional from Stephen Whittier. Don’t be held down and stalled on anymore!



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