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The Power Kimura With Neil Melanson

The Power Kimura With Neil Melanson


The Kimura, or double wrist locks, as it is called in catch wrestling is another one of those submissions that it seems, the more you train it, the more you start finding it everywhere you look. 

here are several benefits to the Kimura, however, one of the favorites is that is an extremely controlling position, even before you get the tap, or if you aren’t able to get the tap, having this control can assist in setting up other submissions, controlling your opponent, or if necessary in self defense, inflicting pain to “encourage” an attacker to stop being violent.

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Neil Melanson’s “The Filthy Kimura” brings a fresh and welcomed wrestling approach to the Jiu Jitsu scene.  In this video instructional Neil covers his unique approach to the Kimura in various positions, against various types of opponents.  Stronger, bigger, opponents? No problem, Neil has the answer. In this 4 volume instructional Neil walks us through in extreme detail, as you can see from his “Power Kimura” video clip, his approach and thought process when attacking the opponent’s arm going for a Kimura.  Sprinkling in some of Neil’s catch wrestling style to your game is certain to throw off your opponent’s, transform your game, and help you dominate on the mats. 

We have all likely heard of the Kimura, unless of course, you haven’t started training yet, in which case stop reading this now and go find an academy!  So what is a “Power Kimura”? The Power Kimura is simply the Kimura, but with an intensified grip. Let’s take a look at the breakdown Neil put together for us.  

Starting off in side control, we are going to start by bringing our left arm over the opponent’s head and scooping under their shoulder.  Typically, what we would be looking to do is grab our right wrist with our left hand and the opponent’s wrist with our right hand. This is where the Power Kimura is different.  Rather than grab our right wrist, we are going to reach towards our left elbow with our right hand and grab here, as well as grabbing our right tricep with our left hand. Essentially here we are crossing our arms, the only difference being that we have the opponent’s arm trapped in between our crossed arms.  Below is an example of what this grip should look like. An additional note; the opponent’s wrist should be secured in the crook of our right elbow with the blade of our left forearm securing the opposite side. 

In addition to getting the grip, we have to make sure the rest of our position is correct.  The biggest mistake people make here is not closing the gap between your opponent’s chest and your chest.  Be sure to pull the opponent’s arm close to their body and drop your chest to their chest, eliminating space and in turn, causing additional pressure on the arm you are attacking. 

From here we can open up our hips towards the opponent’s head as we walk in a circular motion towards their head.  While doing this we are pinning our right elbow to the mat and leveraging up on the opponent’s arm using our left arm.  

This grip can be particularly useful against stronger opponents, or opponents that seem to always be able to slip out of your figure four grip. 

If you like this Power Kimura variation check out Neil’s other video instructionals on BJJ Fanatics and find out why he is one of the most sought after instructors in the world right now.  Neil is widely known as the man who does everything different, yet all the big stars worship him.  He is also known for having the weirdest, yet most effective game you have ever seen. Pick up one of his video instructionals today to see how you can transform your entire game!

Neil Melanson is The Man Who Does Everything In Jiu Jitsu A Bit Different – Yet All The Big Stars Worship Him: He Has The Weirdest – Yet Most Effective Grappling Game You’ve Ever Seen. His DVD / On Demand Series called the Filthy Kimura will completely change how you attack the kimura from every where.



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