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The Pressure Passing Encyclopedia By Bernardo Faria

The Pressure Passing Encyclopedia By Bernardo Faria



When you set out on your Jiu-Jitsu journey you will surely run into someone with a mind blowing guard that you feel is impossible to pass. A good guard player strives to make the passer feel this way. Constantly struggling against your opponent’s attacks can be one of the quickest ways to sap your cardio! 

If you have found yourself in this position where you just can’t figure out a way to pass the guard, you are in luck Bernardo Faria’s Pressure Passing Encyclopedia gives even the novice guard passer a leg up on the competition. Pressure passing is a great way to stifle all of those tricky grips and attacks that your opponent is trying to pull off. This can slow the battle down to a pace that can be grinding for sure, but it affords you time to make more calculated decisions. 

Bernardo is one of the best to ever tie the belt, but his Pressure Passing is second to none. On his way to amassing multiple world titles Bernardo utilized game that worked across multiple weight classes. Part of the reason is his masterful use of Pressure Passing. Faria’s style is very unique and consistent. If you watched just a silhouette of Bernardo fighting you could tell it’s him. 

The Pressure Passing Encyclopedia gives you a look at the techniques that Bernardo used against opponent’s time and time again. Let’s take a look at one of the staples of Bernardo’s passing!

Right off the bat before we get into any of the Top-Tier Technique pay close attention to Bernardo’s partner in the video. Watch how the veins in his head start to be exposed throughout the video. That is just from Bernardo driving his weight appropriately into his partner’s chest/diaphragm area. Pressure is the name of the game. 

The Pressure Passing Encyclopedia can totally change your Passing Game for the better! Click Learn More!


Bernardo takes us through the initial goal of the pressure passing mentality, and of course gets into the grittier details of how to create this pressure. Throughout the video notice how Bernardo is creating a tripod shape with his body. His high hips allow his shoulder to start to drive into his partner’s diaphragm. The next level of pressure is how he starts to angle his hip down towards the mat. The hip and shoulder need to be on the same side otherwise you will create counter rotation thus releasing pressure!

The King of Pressure then shows us how to apply the same pressure concept can be applied to the stack pass. Same tripod passing structure, same angle hip/shoulder combo just this time with a stack pass grip. This looks brutal for the partner. If you can create the same angles as Bernardo you can surely create a lot of pressure. 

Struggling to pass the guard is normal. Give yourself the knowledge and technique required to finally thwart those tricky guard players out there. The Pressure Passing Encyclopedia gives you exactly the strategy for you to Pressure Pass your way to victory!



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