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The Secrets Of The Double Leg Takedown

The Secrets Of The Double Leg Takedown


Finally Hit The Double Leg Takedown

The double leg takedown is a really old grappling technique. It can most likely be dated back to the first Olympic Games. However, while it is really effective, it can be used beyond wrestling. Historically, the move was also a part of Korean was known as Morote Gari, but it was eventually outlawed when the rules were changed (lame Judo rules, can't attack the legs)

It's a simple grappling technique that we all know, but why do only top wrestlers know how to finish it properly?


For this wrestling technique, a grappler will need to have both their arms around their opponent’s legs. The basic rationale of this is to lift the opponent off the ground in order to take them down on their back.

There are a few elements that are really important to this move. First, you will need to change your level in order to reach the opponent’s legs. It is recommended that you go as low as possible without blocking your own movement. Next, shorten the distance by “shooting in” towards your opponent. It is his shoot that gets you in the position to combine the components of the double leg takedown.

Here’s how to pull it off:

Go below the level of your opponent

Slightly lean forward with your back straight. It is a slightly similar position to one when you’re squatting

Move forward

Shoot in with your back leg and push your body without concentrating on gaining your opponent’s leg with your arms.  When you shoot in, drop down on your rear know between your opponent’s legs because it is the lowest position that you can hold while you knee a hold of your power. However, drop to your knee depending on the surface of the floor.

Wrap your arms around your opponent’s thighs

After doing this, squeeze on your opponent’s legs

Keep your head and shoulders tight against the opponent’s torso

By staying tight, the guillotine choke won’t work on you, and other counters that people can perform with their arms will be ineffective as well.

Step in deep with your rear leg at the outside of your opponent’s legs and turn the corner

If you don’t step in deep with your opponent’s legs, then you will find it impossible to turn the corner and destabilize your opponent. The enter stress will be on your lead leg, and you won’t be able to move forward.

Go up, forward, then pivot

You don’t necessarily have to pick your opponent up on your shoulders. Picking an opponent up in the air can be done when driving forwards are countered. Once you’re in position and you turn the counter, your opponent will be destabilized, and you’ll be able to drive them to the ground. Get in position with a secured hold and drive them to the side with your legs, then “wheel them your head”. You can also squeeze your legs in the opposite direction.

Don’t land in guard

Even if you end up landing in your opponents guard, you will have your leg control to help immobilize his hips and get to side control. It is especially important if they’re trying to perform guillotine with their arms round your neck. You will want to use their leg control to get to a position with a guillotine choke on the opposite side of you in side control.

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